Nitrogen rich nutrients for flowrring?

I have a bit of a nitrogen deficiency, had it for ages but now I’m flowering I thought I better be safe and sort it out. Hasn’t been very bad just a few leaves here and there with green stems and vains, and yellow everything else. Not sure if I’m not using enough of my advanced nute trio? Same as fox farm basically

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What AN Trio is just like Foxfarm basically? Sometimes in flower leaves yellow but, you say it has been going on.

If you are using your nutrients correctly and your PH is on target, then you should not have a Nitrogen deficiency.

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I’ve been using less nute s then advised for fear of nute burn, I mean I have a 3 part formula like the fox farm veg, tiger, big bloom. It’s only lower leaves so classic nitrogen deficiency but it never worried me until now as it was barely noticable. My question is foes anyone know any good nute s to sort it out or add extra nitrogen basically


I think @latewood is saying you don’t need any other nutes- just bump up your nutes to the proper levels and you should be on target for N.


Like I said. If you have Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom. Go to Foxfarm site and get the nutrient feeding schedule. You do not need any Nitrogen additive or anything beside what you have. No one ever adds extra Nitrogen.


Good to know, it’s my fault was just sketchy on getting bad nute burn when they need the leaves most, cheers Latewood