Newbie wants reassurance

Whaaddddup -Ozzie

The set up:
“Doing my first grow indoors; I’m using a 2x2 tent with the AC T6 set up and UIS Environment. Linked to that is my 100W AC S22 Infinity full spectrum LED. It keeps it perfect during the day, but nights are cold in San Diego right now. So at night I run a small desk heater. Also, a mini humidifier is necessary to get over 40% in the tent right now. I don’t stray far from 72 degrees, 68% RH, and .55 VDC.

I only grow all natural so the soil is my own compost (no citrus) and natural San Diego dirt, cleaned of roots and insects (that I can see). No additives and do not plan on ever using additives.”

Sprouted 8 days prior to pictures. One of the leaves sprouted with the shell attached, kept it on for 3 days. I’m assuming this accounts for the size differential.

I’m fishing for opinion on how this little guy is going. It looks like the stem is too white, and the leaves too small. They are just growing differently than my outdoor grows. Anything is appreciated! (Pictures of the same plant).


They look great just be careful not to over water and welcome to the community


They look good, no worries.


Thanks :pray:t3: hard not to pace back and forth to the tent checking on it… trying not to “love it to death”


Thank you :pray:t3:

Welcome to the forum @Ozzie
What is the strain?

100watts is not gonna be enough light going into flower. It will do for veg but will soon need more.

That is one of the harder parts of indoor growing.


Welcome to the forum @Ozzie looks good to me.

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I have killed many plants,loving them to death. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Blueberry Kush - Feminized via Premium Cultivars

I appreciate it, yea 100W is deceptive. The UIS system only helps with scheduling, I don’t believe it controls the LED’s levels, just on and off. The lower levels just look so dim, I crank it up to 5, no leaf burn yet.


Thank you, you are all awesome for the help :pray:t3:

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You should set the DLI on the lighting to 15-18. Looking good and welcome to the community Growmie :love_you_gesture:


She’s looking very good :+1: great job

According to AC Infinity’s website the S-22 is 130 watts

@Ozzie I love the picture of the duck in the back ground what’s it say.

Welcome to community. Looking good so far.

If she stretches some prior to transplanting, just bury her alittle deeper to add strength to the trunk.

Not sure of your light, seedling inititially doesnt need a hi DLI. Lots of threads and journals to read from peeps who love to make their own soil.

Welcome, we look forward to seeing your pics as you grow.

@Bluntsmoke may have more insight on ACI setup.

Thanks for the tag but I’m no bueno on this subject :joy:

My bad, thought you was giving lighting distance on another aci tent light.


Looks just like mine did at first, took a bit to take off but she is growing fine now. I’m sure yours will be the same.

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