Newbie Plant disease idk white spots on some leaves

this is about 3-4 weeks old. Northern lights auto. outside in 2gallon pot, soil is foxfarm ocean forest ph 5.8 I am using Roberts grow booster every other watering. didnt have to water quite often last couple days because we got rain. i notice on some leaves white spots. any ideas??

Outside you just have to except what is , unless it’s major .

Have you checked this new blog posting?

It’s hard to say just by the picture alone, it looks like maybe the start of powdery mildew, there is a possible chance it might be a nutrient deficiency or pH problem, but more likely I’m thinking it might be a critter like thrips.

Cankerous Lesions & Browning

I’ve had a spider mite and gnat problem but have sprayed with a rosemary oil solution once every 7-10 days and it keeps the bugs at bay. However, when I was inspecting a dying leaf, I found a cankerous lesion on a leaf vein. I need to know what this is in order to treat it.