Newbie here- PPM and status check

Good morning Ilgm forum, firstly a quick thank you to all that share all knowledge and experience. The success of this grow is owed mostly to all of you!

I am in FF OF
Did not plan on all 8 germinating, mixed bag of chips, 4 northern 2 blue dream 2 white widow
Couple days into week 8
Should of stuck with one strain but go big or go home right?
All 4 northern in 2x4, others in 3x3 (a bit tight but it seems okishhhh)
Had a small nitrogen tox that I believe is under control now
Tap water- ph down to 6.3-6.5 w/ tablespoon molasses, tsp liquid seaweed and a pinch of myochorazea for watering (don’t check my spelling on the myo :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)
3x3, 2x4 grow tents both have- 4in in-line exhaust fans, humidifier, oscillating fans
Humidity- 50-65
Temps- 77 day, 69-72 night
Check ph daily and water to slight run off for Ppm check (ph is about 6.5)
Lights- 3x3 hlg 135 (diablos have been out of stock forever now) and a vivosun vs1000
4x4- vs2000 with a spider farmer se3000 otw

I just want to make sure I got this right, PPM I tried to treat individually based on readings of each. The ones that were down into the 300-500 I top dressed a tsp rock dust, 2 cup worm castings and 2 tbsp k nitro bat guano. The ones that were a over 1100 I kept to my normal water, molasses, liquid seaweed and myo. I can’t get a new Ppm reading just yet in fear of overwatering but I will get that in the next day or so.

Trying to stay as organic as possible. Sorry for lengthy post at it’s my first and didn’t want to miss anything. Am I getting that Ppm right? How do these girls look? Thinking I need to flip soon?


coming along very nicely …you have a good recipe


I appreciate that, thank you!

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Do you know of Earth Dust from The Sunshine Co? It may be a simpler and more comprehensive program than what you are doing.
I use coco and Jacks.


Hello @beardless, I have seen many posts from you and appreciate your knowledge!

Yes, I have heard of earth dust. I believe it comes in both base and boost. At this point my focus should be the boost? And what do you recommend on amounts?

I am in 5g cloth pots- think I left that out at the start


Hello n welcome to the neighborhood!! Everything looks like its coming along very nice and yeah i would be flipping soon. @MeEasy organic questionsss lol

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Thank you @ConcreteBudz and thank you for pulling in help. I didn’t want to start tagging folks as I felt it wasn’t the correct way to introduce myself LoL. Much appreciated.

I read up on the earth dust, does seem much easier.


I have not used ED. But, like @ConcreteBudz suggests @MeEasy is a good source. He uses and recommends it.
Ph and ppm recommendations for organics is much different than what I use. That said, 300 - 500 is low for the size & age of your plants.


I just ordered the earth dust. 4/20 sale still active too! Thanks a bunch. Looking forward to meeasys response.

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@GoingGreen welcome! Your setup and plants look top notch! Clearly you are well on your way to a great grow! Keep the pics coming as you finish up. We’ll all gain knowledge from your experience, god knows I need it lol!! :smile:


@Fieldofdreams lol I need all the help I can get also. Flowering is a little frightening so I’m scared to flip haha

@GoingGreen i hear ya but remember the stretch could have you hitting your ceiling and lights if you let them get to tall during veg…. I feel like I’ve read flip at 1/2 your desired finished height?

Thanks guys for the tag… hi Green welcome to the neighborhood. I’ve been using Earth Dust for a couple years now and I really like it. If you click on my Homer then again on my featured topic it will take you over to my thread and there’s a bunch of info on exactly how I use it and shows the couple additives I use with it. Im more than happy to help too so if you have any questions ask away I’ll try to answer them or help you find something on it :wink:


Thank you @MeEasy. I checked out some of your threads, good stuff. Sorry I was over the limit for replies, and awaiting the earth dust to arrive! I will reach out if I have any questions.

Thank you everyone.

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Anytime Mr Green I always try to help where I can smile

Updated pics as the flip to flower will be one week tmw. Any feed back as always is appreciated. If you see anything that’s worrisome please chime in.

If anyone wants to share some thoughts on this also. Should I sound the alarms for a single leaf that looks like this? Lower one that I might of missed early on in lollipopping,

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No, just keep an eye out for others to pop up it’s normal to have a couple leaves turn colors around this time on the lower part of the plant

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@GoingGreen are your lights 4 individual strips that you can slide/adjust accordingly to tent size? I like how your able to shine out and down on the edges of your canopy.

They don’t come adjustable that I am aware of?

@GoingGreen is your tent a 4x4? I have lights on my mind lately lol.

These are good but I wish they were spread out to the edges. I spin my plants frequently to ensure the outermost leaves see some periodic light too.

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