Newbie, are these pots big enough?

Will these pots do till harvest?


Yea theyre already in flower so theyre not going to get that much bigger you may wanna get a 5 gallon fabric pots for better breathability for next grow tho


The time for them to grow into bigger plants has come and gone. Full on flowers goin. Next time, before flower go up to a 5-7gal pot. The results speak for themselves.

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I grow in 1 gallon pots from start to finish so those will be just fine.


I have 5 gal bags for the next grow.

Using a rack to raise the pot makes handling runoff a lot easier
5 gallon over a saucer

4 - 2 gallon pots over a tray

The biggest improvement you can make is changing to fabric pots. Better yet are Rain Science pots (white pots in pictures). They are expensive but I really like them


What can I do next time to get them to grow bigger? Used Complete Crop 9-5-15 nute

Frankly, autos can be a crap shoot. They can be small and early flowering. Others can be very productive plants yielding 6 ounces and more. I started out growing autos and they generally averaged around 3 zips. The largest was 7. Now I find photoperiods to be more rewarding.
As I mentioned earlier fabric pots can help with better oxygen delivery and root pruning. I am not familiar with complete crop but it appears to be heavy on potassium for vegging plants. A more balanced nutrient may be warranted. Good cannabis friendly soil / medium is also very important.

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Soil is 4 parts generic potting soil, 1 part coco bliss, 1 part coffee grounds, 1 part perlite. I also have Flower Fuel 1-34-32 nute. I guess I need to get that going and quit the complete crop. If you have a better veg nute please let me know.


Coco coir and a solid understanding of dli i get great autos because i start them off with a decently large amount of light ( 12ish dli working my way up to 33ish and let them grow into 60 dli) before i learned dli i judged based on par maps and was starting them FAR to light on light at about 5-6 dli and still got slightly larger girls then yours, autos are all about solid starts get them growing fast and theyll grow big otherwise i also use jacks 321 an organic bacteria base and molasses , zeus juice, liquid silica , mr fulvic

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You lost me there…
You just use 100% Coco coir?
DLI… Googled and got more confused.
I really thought I did my prep work but it look like I’'m lost…

Coco coir and perlite and if you have a smart phone download the photone app


That is tough. I am no expert but can relay my experience. I started out using fox farm ocean forest soil and fox farm Trio of nutrients and growing autos. I played around with mixing soils and now have bags of numerous products (blood meal, bone meal, gypsum, Langbeinite, green sand, humic bliss, some fulvic acid, limestone, worm poo, etc - you get the idea. The Trio is popular and works. Just know you will need to flush the medium 1 or 2 times. From fox farm nutrients I moved up the food chain to advanced nutrients while sticking with fox farm OF soil. It can get a little crazy and $$$

Eventually I settled on coco, perlite and Jack’s 321 as the base starting point. It is a combination used by many growers on the forum who I respect. I still use some of the advanced nutrient supplements with Jack’s. I feel I have hit a pretty good balance. Coco is not for everyone because It requires a commitment to feed and water daily. I’m retired so that is not a problem. I also use it in autopots.
After participating in the forum for several years this is what I have concluded.
If I wanted to grow in soil I would switch to The Sunshine Company’s Earth Dust Base and Bloom. However, for now I will stay with Jack’s, Coco w/ perlite, and a few supplements.
Current GDP photoperiod (clone) in an autopot

In my 3x3 tent I have 4 GDP clones trained and pruned for the space (they are in 2 gallon Rain Science bags)

Mamma GDP - it was an exceptional plant


Too bad you don’t live down the street… :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help.