Newb Ontario Outdoor grow

Firstly Hello All, and Thank You for having me here in the community.

A bit about myself, I’m a newb with no previous experience growing weed, I do have reasonable hort experience though. The timing for starting this adventure is pretty random, I felt the project itch and its something I’ve wanted to try, so here we are; hindsight I’d have started earlier. oh well. Anyways, round about way of saying, I know I’m making mistakes, I’ll fix them where I can, but please don’t be too hard on me as I’m still learning :slight_smile:. All feedback is appreciated though. So here I go.

May 22nd - My two ladies (Fem’d) were germinated in wet paper towel, and took about a day to crack they shell. They were then planted in solo cups (May 24th) with enriched organic potting soil, and starting spending time by a sunny window.

Plant #2 surfaced on May 25th and #1 on the day after. Despite being from the same variety, already #2 is growing larger.

Note; I typically water before I take pics, hence the soil looking moist. I have been working hard to follow the guides on watering (finger knuckle deep dampness test). I was using a small spray bottle for the seedlings, and graduated to a watering can for later. Local water PH is around neutral 6.5-7 before adding things.

I realized that my sunny window wasn’t providing nearly the number of hours recommended for a grow, nor the intensity. #2 always the more aggressive is was getting stretchy. So I put together a seedling incubator box to try and get things on track with the idea that I would transfer them to outdoors growing. A pretty common strategy I appreciate.

June 3rd

For interest, lighting is 2 x 6" 13w 4k LED ‘pot’ lights (:laughing:) plug wired with a timer. Sides are lined with aluminium foil, and the top with the lights is movable so I set the height to be as close as possible to the top of the seedling where my hand was comfortable for 30+ seconds. Completely a cobbled together from the junk pile, but they loved it a seemed to be growing well!

Lighting was set for 18/6, temp is 75-77F (lights on) at the top of the plants, humidity was 65-70%. Later I moved them to 20-4 timing.

June 13th - the leaves were starting to reach the outside edge of the solo cup, so I transplanted them to 2g fabric grow bags. Added extra perlite for additional drainage. #2 was set deeper to compensate for some of the stretch, although I strongly suspect its somewhat genetic as it continues to outpace #1.

The girls are now outdoors during the daytime and seem to be very happy! In their current location they get direct sun from 1030am-5pm roughly. I’ve been bringing them inside once they are in the deep evening shade so they spend the rest of the time (5 hours morning, 5 hours evening) under the ‘pot’ lights.

Grow bags are shielded from direct sun with a pair of bottom cut plant pots and about 1.5" of mulch. 30+ C yesterday and the soil stayed nice and cool throughout, so I’m satisfied they’re safe, also not loosing a ton of water unnecessarily.

Got a surprise this morning, #2 had grown so much (>1") over night that it touched the surface of its light. Nothing burned as they’re not that hot, but a little crinkled due to the proximity. I’ll have to raise the lights before I put them back this evening.

When they get to about 12" tall i’ll transplant them into their final home which are 10g fabric pots.

Currently I’m soak watering the plants when dry but before any wilt, and I’m using a generic 10-15-10 liquid nutrient at 3/4 strength. Doesn’t seem to change the PH of the water much.

Appreciated for following along so far and for any thoughts. I’ll circle back and provide updates.


@Packof3 - As promised.

Nice start looking great

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Looks good. Looking forward to following along.

Every thought of manifolding the one lady in the larger of the 3 pics? Looks like it would a good candidate.

Definitely training is top of mind right now, I just have no idea what’s best to do.

Manifolding would be training (tying?) the main stalk over on its side to force it to produce many new tops?

Would this be preferable (or perhaps complementary?) to FIMing/topping?

I’ve been reading on the topic, but there is quite a lot of differing thoughts. Input would be strongly valued.


Like this.

I’m going to try this with 2 or 3 of my 5 little one. Kind of an experiment as I’ll likely finish them indoors and I don’t want them growing tall like my big girls.

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Then you can top those 2 branches and keep tieing down. Then once your happy, I guess you let those tied down branches stretch. Likely finish with a scrog net. Gonna try it and see what happens.

Given the care put into growing them, it almost feels sacriligous to be cutting them lol

So in your manifolding example, it would be cutting above the first node after it’s gotten good and chunky. Interesting. Will you keep it inside under a net?

I’m less worried about flattening out the plant as I’m growing outside and the sun gets inside angles, so I’ve read anyway. Feels like a more advanced technique, I would maybe wait until I have more experience.

Do you FIM or top your outdoor ladies?

Yes topped all mine for sure, hence the big Y

FIM is an acronym for Fuck I Missed. Meaning one didnt quite get all the top. I’ve topped mine about 3 times early on and going to have some nice big cola sites…hopefully!

Here’s another topped site higher up in the canopy

@Unicron have you tried Supercropping?

Nope, I’ve never tried anything, these are my first two plants ever. :slight_smile: trying hard not to fuck them up lol

I can see the splits now that you’ve mentioned them.
How many nodes did they have when you started topping? I appreciate strains vary, but about how tall were they then?

Wouldn’t the FIM technique get you more tops?


This one I chopped at the 2nd node. It was young and the runt of the group of 6, but still very healthy. Over 5’ tall now.
I’d say top once you can peel back the new growth and actually see what you are cutting off.
I’m not even doing any LST (Low Stress Training) now that they are in flower. Just exfoliating about once ever 2 weeks. Want to keep good air flow so as to not encourage mold. No aphids this year so far so that’s good. Had a big issue with those little fuckers last summer.

@Unicron this was an attempt at supercropping that went bad. Split the branch. Taped it up and although it looks ugly, the plant fully recovered.

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So here is lady #2 - about 9" tall, and 4 possibly 5 nodes depending on how the jumble near the bottom is managed.

And here is the top center, which would appear to be just about ready for FIM, or could be topped.

Looks like the right time to do something, would you agree?

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@Unicron , honestly I wouldn’t bother with topping, I’d chop that top growth right here

You have 2 nice small branches coming adjacent to the red line so I’d lose that whole top. Use a sharp knife and make sure its sanitized. You’ll get a nice Y like I have, then keep doing the same to those new branches. you’ll get lots of tops that way. these plants are hearty and can take lots of abuse, god knows I’ve abused mine for sure. I don’t like bushy plants and I find if you just let them so that’s what you get. I find I can manage the plant alot better by manipulating early, topping, supercropping, LST, etc. Lots of YouTube videos on those training techniques. I don’t ever worry too much unless I actually snap off a branch inadvertantly.a After any training they will take a day or 2 to adjust/repair. Roll a fatty and play around a bit. It’s all a learning experience, and we learn from our mistakes, and success!

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@Unicron check out this site on Mainlining or Manifolding

Okay, so I’m slightly confused, what is the difference between ‘topping’ and ‘chopping’ ? The graphic is very clear though so appreciated for the specifics of where to cut.

Sharp no problem. When you say sanitized, is soaking in 95% ethanol sufficient? Or is something like iodine/heat required. I’m honestly surprised it’s needed, but no issue.

Fair enough, noted to relax; just hoping to make it a success. :+1:

@Unicron I say “chop” (not sure if technically correct verbiage) as you would be cutting that stem, vs pulling back all that new growth at the highest point and trying to “top” or “pinch” the new growth to encourage the two stems at that node to grow. That’s a little tricky and that’s where its possible to “FIM” (fuck I missed). Its sometimes like performing surgery and hard to see as hard to distinquish where the “top” is. It all depends on what you are wanting to try to achieve, and doing no manipulation is ok. The plants will be fine, and if growing outside then space is not the issue. You can just let them do their thing and sit back and watch the show.
I like to mess around with them and see what the results are. Look up “topping cannabis” on youtube and it will explain it a little better. Easy to show but a little tricky to explain. Once you do it once and understand what you are looking for its straight forward.