First time grow AK47 Auto from ILGM - outdoor container, but currently indoor

Hello all, I wanted to start this journal since Im very much a newbie at this, and Im hoping to have at least a moderate amount of success with this first ‘experimental’ grow.

Im in Michigan, so the law allows up to 12 plants. Im getting my feet wet with 5.
The plan has been to do an outdoor container grow, in 5 gal buckets. Ideally, as simple as I can make it. But Ive quickly found that my interest lever is driving me to make it more complicated than I originally intended. But that really doesn’t bother me all that much to be honest.

Ideally, I wanted to grow 5 plants outside, 3 in an obvious ‘good’ sun location, and two in other questionable locations on my property that would be better suited for a more serious operation next year if the light in either of those spots is sufficient. The plan would have called fort me to have them outside already (its day 14) but the weather in MI has been ridiculously rainy/stormy so I have opted to keep them inside for now. I stated them with CFLs then with the crummy weather I realized I needed more light if they were to stay inside for a bit. So I now have them under a 1000W maxisun LED and 4 full spectrum CFLs (2x23w and 2x15w)

The soil is a combination of potting soil, worm castings, perlite and general compost. Im slowly adding maxi grow with the watering at 1/8 the recommended dose.

I have moved the plants into larger pots, which I think may have stunted them again, although I hear that is a bit of a myth anyway. But they do seem to be a few days behind other examples Ive seen.

Anyway, I’ll add more info and images as I can get the time. Thanks in advance for any feedback or suggestions you all may have!


Welcome to the forum. I’m new to this too. I have one bag seed that is almost 3 weeks into flower. It is so exciting to have your first plant at that point.
Good luck I am looking forward to watching your grow!!

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More photos.

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