New to this site, First time grow

Hey Guys,
Well here I go diving into something else I have no idea about…yet

I finished the tent a few days ago, its ready… except for the fresh air intake…still working on that.
i have 5 sitting in water now and ready for soil in any day now…
I still have no clue on Lighting schedule, and at what intensity on the VS1000, watering, etc…so much I don’t know…
I remember the days when ya threw seeds out behind the garage and hoped for the best,MUCH has changed …lol
Thanks for any help I can get…


Just open a flap on the bottom of the tent. I stick a hose through one of the lower vents to keep light from coming back into the tent during flowering…


welcome to the community, 1st time grower here also. ask any questions or search the forum, loads of great info on here

Welcome to the community !
Photo’s veg 18/6
Flowering 12/12 lights
Auto’s 18/6 start to finish will work fine.


Welcome to the community if theres anything you need to just ask on here someone will know the answer

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Here is the tent setup, nothing special …


Nothing special? I love the size and the built in bench!!


What size is the tent?
5 seeds auto or photo?
Vivosun VS1000 is only 100 watts. It will get you through seedling stage and into veg. You will need more light given the space needed to flower 5 plants. Tent looks great. Welcome


It’s a 4x3x72 2 in 1
I have no idea what these seeds are… I dug them out of my cleaning tray…yea, remember those ?
I thought I would experiment and dial the tent systems in on those before I KILL good Durban seeds.


That’s slicker than snot on a doorknob…


Nice set up u have to be happy with that

Special set up nice :+1::+1:


Yes, that bench immediately caught my attention.

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Thanks everyone, This tent fought me every inch of the way, it was a challenge to put together…grrr
This tent has a full velcro divider that will separate the main 3x3 with the other 1x3 section…not installed right now…but could be used as a incubation nursery…
I’m sorry Vivosun, but your instructions stink…pictorial ONLY it does show how it goes together but does not say in what order …you’ll take it apart 3 times before you get it right…lol
Circulation fans are on order, BUT just because the systems are in place, doesn’t mean I know what to do with it all… :roll_eyes:


Dope AF!

Best of luck with that! I recommend duct taping the F out of it one both sides of the barrier. During flower it messed me up having this same situation and I fought it for awhile

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It’s going to be noisy in the game room :+1:
Happy growing


do you live in a house boat or am i just not high enough this morning?


I believe put all the framing together but one connection in a corner. Then put the framing in the tent put the tent material around that then most likely gonna have to make the last connection after the tent is wrapped around the poles. Mine was a PITA also and it’s a cool grows same as urs pics nothing else. Like WTF I did the same thing then figured it out to leave one undone and it worked for me. Mine is a 2x4x5. Nice setup there. My son would love that spot as it looks like a gamer spot. He is about gaming. I time. And he is only 8

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LMAO! You made my day already! :joy:

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