New to outdoor grow

Just transplanted her into a 6 gallon pot and put her outside to finish the grow. Im feeding once a week with Fox Farm trio and watering with pH at 5.9%. EC is 2.0 and ppm on run off is 1200. What’s wrong with her?

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Could be a little shock from transplant and transitioning to outside. What medium are you in ? Id try to maintain a 6 to 6.5 ph during veg for optimum nute uptake.

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That’s Fox Farm soil. I tested the pH of the soil and it was at 7.2%. A bit higher than normal. I’ll give it some 5.5% water to lower the soil pH.

I think the pH is too acidic. Raising it above 6-6.7. Should show a difference. She looks fed, so I don’t think it’s dissolved solids. But, you might want to look lower it some and see if you are giving it too much food. Although it looks unhappy, it could be a number of things. Lower everything except the PH, and watch it closely for a week and lmk how it went. Good luck.:pray:t2:

Wrong information bud. If he goes any higher he will go into lockout. Cannabis in soil.

Veg ph 6.0 to 6.5
Flower 6.5 to 7.0

He is in veg. So he needs to lower his ph at least .7 points.

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I never have pH problems and I don’t use pens, or test kits. Tap water here runs high. Around 6.4–6.7. I get excellent results from just not overdoing. Too much anything ruins the pot. I agree with you on pH. But, the numbers he has, tells me something else maybe happening. Bacteria loves acidic environments. So, I tend to go a little in the alkaline area for feeding mediums. I don’t get burn, or root lock. As long as I keep the fluids going down through the rootage freely. I’m getting great looking plants and buds. Too many times, I see people trying to max out everything. Problem is that, it’s not a laboratory. So, there are many things that can cause these things to happen.

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Im strictly organic. Have been for years. I use Coast of Maine stonington blend and their dry amendments. Anytime i have any kind of problem the first thing i do is a soil slurry to get accurate soil ph and tds/ppm. If ph is off it usually sends the plant into lockout and i spend the next few weeks unlocking. Once unlocked and ph is stable, everything picks back up where it left off. FF ive noticed over the last few years is a crap shoot out of the bag as far as ph. Alot of times its shoots into the 5s and locks out, but here we have one that has spiked past 7. I believe that if we can get the ph near 6.5 (the magic number for both veg and flower) he will turn around in the next few weeks.

My first grow read was Ed Rosebthals Marijuana growers guide. I learned about propagation and started to grow. I failed many times to get a good grow. Before I learned from my mistakes. Sometimes you have to get something wrong. Before you realize that, you need to be more vigilant about your grow. Attention to details is very important. I’m very happy the way this is turning out for me.

OH, forgot to show you my little friends. It rained a little this afternoon and they need to be tied up.

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