New to grow tent use

I have a sun hut big easy 2x4 tent that I decided to try. I’ve had it a long time, but have been growing in a closet. I set it up, and was wondering what most of you run for temps. I’ve been testing it today with my new hlg 350r, and after multiple methods, looks like 84 is about the best I can do. It goes down to 81 when the AC kicks on. I’m on a budget, and don’t have a lot of cash for fancy equipment, so wondering if I should continue. Heat was an issue in my closet too, which is why I decided to try the tent in a cooler room.

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Are you keeping the power supply out of the tent?

No, it’s attached to the light. The ballast runs cooler that the top of the light. About 104 on full power.

Heat with led isn’t so much of an issue if you can ramp up the humidity in the space as well. Exhausting/exchanging air in a tent may be easier than a closet. Since the tent will have multiple ports.
Use a VPD chart to help find where you need to be. This one is provided here:

The tent being in a cooler room with extraction running out the top & passive air being pulled in from the cooler room. If running the light at a high power in veg, I’d dim it down to help lower temps. Raising to 100% is more for the flower cycle. I ran 480w - 650w LED’s at 100% in flower & found having an AC in the room with temps around 65F kept my tent around 75-76F. These are in 4x4 & 3x5 spaces.

I just had the problem today. heat up to 84 and girls r in flower. Taped curtains to window to stay away from a/c cool air. mounted a fan to a/c towards tent. oh my. a few min was to 79⁰.

I did just read where the optimum temp for led during flower is 80 to 85, and 80 to 90 for veg. So maybe I’m in the sweet spot with my oscillating fan I have in there. We’ll see how it goes.

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If you could exhaust your heat with a 6" duct, you would be able to get more control. Running at 90 degrees indoors is not advised unless u got a sealed room and co2. Yes it could be done but imo it will hurt your yeild. Me personally, i like the 65 lowest at lights out and 83 at the highest. Also not more then a 15 degree change beween on/off as well.

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I can do 83 I believe. Thanks for the advise everyone.


If you can get some of the cooler air from outside the tent that will help. You mentioned that you run your ac. A cheap method would be an intake fan that will definitely help.

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