New system with water fall

been wanting to build this for some time now. This should work pretty good. 17 gallon for the plant, and a 9 gallon for the rez. This should keep the main full all the time, and adding water should be easy . Going to glue it and see…


I like the p trap effect, but it will act as a barrier. As the the plant consumes water, the level will go down. The reservoir will not fill the tote unless you add water to the system.

I guess i didn’t say all the details, the pump will be in the rez pumping into the cooler then into the main tank. As the plant consumes water the rez will go down but not the main tank. It will fill the main up to the p trap and water fall back into the rez. The level of the rez will fall but the main idea is the plant box will never fall and stay at a constant level. I seen a well known hydo guy do this only with 4 to 8 bucket system. And the normal 2 air stones in the main and one in the rez just cuz. Just did a test in the tub

Meeting with the wife for lunch then ill finish it. I’ll post in a few

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No worries. That changes the dynamics with the pump.