Should i invest in some sort of irrigation system...?

i have a tent that is 6ft tall, 4 ft wide, 3 ft deep.
it contains 4 plants, currently.

i would like to setup some sort of irrigation system to obviously make life a little easier but also to make sure all plants are watered evenly. i have looked online and found something called the Claber Oasis Evolution Automatic Drip Watering system, which i think comes with a reservoir?.. what in the world does that really mean…? and would that be something i would want?

for more information, i ONLY use Reverse Osmosis water on my plants, which i currently house in 5 gallon jugs (the water not the plants lol)
i would like to somehow setup a system directly from the 5 gallon jugs to the plants, if possible…
but i guess if it is something that has a big enough reservoir, i could just store the water in that, and refill it as needed…

does anyone have one of these or something like it? is it worth dropping about $150 on it?

im looking for any and all advice on the topic

Depends on how much time you have I guess. I just setup a 6 plant Hydrolock System. Done 3 waterings with it. It runs 2 min x2a day.

Reservoir is just a larger vessel for mixed nutrients so you don’t have to do it in small batches.

Technically you can get out cheap by; buying a 10 gallon plus tote, drill hole towards bottom of tote, add drain port with nozzle to drilled hole (silicon if necessary to ensure no leaks), setup a non-submersible pump with same diameter input/out as drain port which you can then set to a timer to water in intervals. (note: a smaller water pump [gph] will allow for more waterings in the day)

It depends on if you want a recycling system if u want a recycling system a dutch bucket system would be good or do u want like a flood and drain system it just depends on what u want i dont use watering systems but i have watched alot of videos about this sort of thing i would say have look at this channel on YouTube its called hoochos he does alot systems but he grows vegetables but im sure u will find something on that channel

My tent is 4x8 a d five plants. With the netting I came up with this

so if i were to get an irrigation system that waters the plants on its own…
how would i continue to use nutrients?

i dont imagine i would add it right to the water reservior in the irrigation system, would i?
im guessing i would have to still fill a pitcher of water and measure some nutrients, am i right?

I just purchased a 6 plant hydrolock system. Comes with a pump and everything to hook it up. All you need is a reservoir which I’m going to use a tote from Walmart. You just need a fitting from a hardware store to connect the pump to the reservoir.

I can’t post a link but here’s a pic of the hydrolock system.

Forgot to add that I’ll be mixing my jacks 321 in a glass measuring cup of hot water to dissolve it. Then transferring it into the reservoir

and this hydrolock system works well? you dont need to worry about stem/root rot?

and is 6 the lowest number you can get?
i would still need a reservior…? could i just get away with my 5 gallon jug as it is…?

You can run a single plant on the system with the plugs it comes with. And you can use any size reservoir you want. The larger the reservoir the less your pH will fluctuate and obviously the less often you have to mix nutrients.

yeah but i guess how does it connect to the reservior? almost like connecting to the tap, im assuming?

from the website i found, it didnt mention anything about a connection to a reservior, just that one was needed

I have a rubber hose on the intake side that simply hangs down to 1/4" from the bottom. I’ll eventually install a bulkhead and reduce around 5 total feet on plumbing.