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Just a quick hello. I already posted show photos of my first 4 seedling, first grow. Legalization is still in the infancy where I am and it just way to expensive, no close dispensaries, etc. So I thought what the hell its something to try.


Welcome! This is a great site with very helpful and knowledgeable people. Ask your questions and add to the group. Get your read on!

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Yes, much to read. Thank god for auto flowering. Its like learning to drive an automatic before you get a stick.


I heard the opposite here often. Photos are more forgiving. Never tried the Auto yet.


More like trying to drive a 6 speed manual shift Ferrari before you know how to get granny’s sedan out of park . . . if you’re looking for good, consistent results.

Some do very well with auto’s, I just prefer to have a bit more control of the grow/yield. Also having the ability to take a clone or two if I like a certain photoperiod plant is a big plus.

I think the whole autoflowering thing is a “sell more seeds gimmick,” advertising faster harvest and easier for beginners to grow with good yields. Neither is true.


I saw your beans. Good luck with them. Welcome. If you have questions or something comes up, shout out

Welcome my freind :grin:
So this is what sites tell you but in reality, autos are actually more difficult to get right for beginners…

Don’t let me worry or discourage you, you stick around and you’ll be fine …

But autos go through there stages no matter what. And this is good in some ways, like you don’t have to change light schedule or worry alot about light leaks when in flower stage…

How ever, with autos we have no room for errors really.
With photo periods, you can mess up and stunt them over and over till you figure it out. And long as it doesn’t die, you can flip it to flower once it’s healthy and exactly the way you want…

Can’t do this with autos, many beginners end up with a 4 inch tall plant that’s basically 2 blunts worth because they stunted it and it went into flower…

Photos are easier and give way better yeilds, but sites push autos so you have to buy twice the seeds for the same yeilds is my theory :man_shrugging: