New lights hps750, and repotted!

Ok my girls are loving this hps light!! And the reppotting helped them alot. I can see a fee leafs dyeing off. But why are some so green? Is this ok or do i have another problem?

Let us see the plant!!!

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Sorry forgot to upload :laughing:


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What soil and watering practices?

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I use ffhf and i just gave them 1 liter day bf yesterday. My pots are still a little heavy so i thought they may be good til tomorrow

At this vegetation stage of development, most use the Metal Halide bulb. The HPS is for flowering. The light green color is new growth, your plants look great.

The heat of your bulb is most likely drying the soil out, how high is your light from plant?

Did you fully water your pots before planting your seed? They look a tad dry

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Ok good i was worried about the color… i watered them slightly sunday when i repotted, and i was still using a spray bottle then, i was given the advice to start fully watering them. So i watered them all about 1liter a piece. I slightly watered the top soil with a spray bottle bc they looked dry to me this morning i plan on giving them a nice drink this evening. The bulb i used said vegative and i have them on 750 right now… so you do think they look good?

Yes they look good. The vegatation bulb is called Metal Halide the Flowering bulb is high pressure sodium. Keep doing what ya doing they look good.

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Oh! Ok no wonder Ive been so confused… im trying to control the heat, thought about purchasing a cheap inline fan to put in the lower vent to help with temperature. I have a good ventilation system but im trying to vent out my window until i get a permanent set up. Or maybe a small portable ac… temps go up to 80 and that worries me…

70 to 80 is fine, your gonna need a carbon filter on your in line fan exhaust and maybe a fence around the window so as to not have the smell alert people who pass the window.

I run a window ac in mine but be warned they suck the smell right outside. Type ventilation in the search bar to see how others do it.

Ok… I have a carbon filter on my inline inside the tent. But do u think just adding an extra fan to one of the lower vents will help with venting as well, nothing hooked. And a portable ac inside the tent?

Even a portable ac makes heat. Read this thread HPS Ventilation Setup Revised - #3 by spacey

Ok thank you…my light doesn’t have holes like most of these light’s