Help! Me my light is a weird colour

my light came in the mail, I put my light bulb that my brother gave to me it works. But it seems to be really orange an yellow, like a street light. My gut feeling is thi light bulb I have is no good.

You already asked that question and got an answer here … My first grOW. Unknown strain. :) - #25 by Paranorman

What part of HPS light is yellowish is puzzling you?

From what I can read on your ballast above it says it runs sodium or halide, why don’t you buy a halide?

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That ballast actually says mercury or halide. I wonder what type of bulb he put in it.

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Whoa hold up girl @rjw71 just spotted something! I don’t think that’s a HPS ballast!

You need to read the ballast again, maybe that’s why it’s a weird color

Good eye rj!

Does the bulb have a kelvin color rating on it?


Unfortunately that doesn’t show the kelvin color of the bulb itself.

But it does appear to be the right type of bulb for this fixture/ballast.


Above is why I thought she had HPS, sloppy reading on my part, sorry Ashley

Yes it should be a whitish-blue, you’re right Ashley. I don’t know why it’s yellow like a sodium look on the bub maybe it’s the wrong bulb?

And the color being described and that appears in the photograph does look more like a 2100K color.



Sounds like the gas in the bulb isn’t burning hot enough.

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Always go with your gut feeling its telling you something… Mr apigSquishy has it pepged. That’s just what will happen don’t wait cause the longer you wait the more likely they won’t deal with ya.

B Safe

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Well, that’s not a halide or mercury vapor bulb, that looks like a h.p.sodium. it’s not a conversion bulb, is it ?

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