New hydro grow problems

Strain : strawberry
Space 3x3
Soil/hydro : hydro root spa
Ph: start 6.2 now 7.2
Temp: 76
Humidity: 40-50
Light: mar hydro 300w
Started this grow about 3 weeks, looked great at start, this week started to brown (rust colored) in center of leaves, bottom leaves turned yellow. Any ideas on what is missing or making the change

@ktreez420 @Donaldj
Are your guys for hydro questions
Good luck and happy growing


Original from seed, small fan for ventilation, no co2

so you are aware you do need to adjust ph if it’s 7.2 they are getting starved it should always be between 5.5-6.2 with 5.8 being the best what you are seeing is nutrient lockout.
I also see no mention of res changes or products used and ppm
Hydro is a simple system once you understand it but isn’t just fill and forget it requires frequent adjustments and nutrient solution changes atleast every 10-14 days
What makes hydro nice is you only get what you put into it can always control and know ph and what plants are eating see roots and know they are healthy. At each stage a plant needs more or less nutrients this is measured in EC/ppm or tds but when you set at res changes you can gauge if they are eating or not at anytime. Adjust anything fast
I would suggest a res change and setting ph at 5.8


Thanks for help will give it a shot

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I’m a hydro grower and faithfully keep the PH at 5.8. I monitor it daily and will adjust if ph goes up or down 6.0 - 5.6. At 5.8 in hydo you can rule that out as a problem if you have any.


would you trim off the brown leaves or will they come back?

Once a leaf turns it will not turn green again. If it looks dead just pull them off.

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thanks. just took the bottom two off. top was starting to turn yellow, then I remembered to check ph
I adjusted for it , now I pray these don’t die. my sister gave me two clones and I have to make them thrive. she doesn’t believe that hydroponics will work as well as soil.
my first time growing.