New guy on the block

Ok… First thanks for being here for your experienced input, and for exchanging ideas. I am new to all this, but I have already started, and read as much as I could, always learning and enjoying it all. I have (2) 4 x 4 Tents, 1 600w LED and 2 450w LED’s (One 450 used in the veg tent), and have 3 plants growing in flower just into week 3 day 3in tent #1.There are exhaust fans in both tents, along with fans. (Thanks to the information on here, I have tried to set things up for success). (All part of the enjoyment). Had to put the axe to 3 males (prior to pollenating…whew!) and put 3 more plants into flower. I am debating on 2 possibly being males…But that is part of the learning curve…right? They were all started from germinated seed and put into Hyponex Potting Soil. I have FF neuts, on hand, (Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom). No neuts are being given to any of the 3, presently, as I have buds on the 3 (oldest flowering ladies) and one in particular has signs of a lot of nitrogen in the leaves, so I have been just giving plain pH’d water (6.2pH) and keeping an eye on them, along with misting them 2 x per light period. Temps @ (74 deg F/ 40% H) Because of the nitrogen thing, I decided, after reading a lot of articles, to defoliate the 3 oldest, and (see pic) and so far, it is working out well, (did this 2 days prior to these pics. So, here I am, and if there is anyone out there that would like to offer their 2 cents, (or more), it is all appreciated… I am really enjoying all that goes into growing, and again, thanks to all that have offered their experience that is benefiting so many!


Welcome to Ilgm, and congratulations on your grow. Yes I love this site,so many helpful folks. And a lot of info.
Good luck.
Keep em green :sunglasses:

Thanks for the greet! I really debated on defoliating, but so far things are progressing well. I will try to keep some pics of the results and post. Thanks again!

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