New growth lacking colour

Hi all, been a while since I’ve been on, got a new job & it’s taking me all over the country & ive been flat out.

Anyhoo, my latest grow is starting to loose colour on the new growth, very light green to slightly yellow & I was wondering what you all think.

ILGM Amnesia Haze

Substrate- in pots with Coco perlite 70:30

System type - 20L fabric pot

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir - 5.8pH

Nutrients - Cyco Platinum Series + CalMag if needed

What is strength of nutrient mix? 1300TDS

Indoor 1.2mx1.2mx2.0m tent

Light system, size? Mars Hydro 1600ll (650actual Watts) about 500mm above plants

Temps; Day, Night 25C

Humidity; Day, Night 65%

Ventilation system; Yes, variable speed fan 150cfm

Humidifier & De-humidifier - yes

Co2 - No

I think you have an iron deficiency which is caused by too low Ph. Get your Ph up to 6.3 minimum, it should be between 6.3 and 6.8 for soil. That should take care of your problem.

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It’s not soil, it’s Coco which is considered hydro & 5.8 is spot on for hydro

Oh, I’m sorry, it says soil in pots with coco.

Ok, well you still have an iron deficiency. What are you feeding?

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Yeah the soil in pots bit is from the support ticket template, all good

I use the Cyco Platinum series nutes

I’m not familiar with that line, does it have iron in it? When was the last time you fed?

Actually, it could also be a sulphur deficiency. Either way, you need to add a good micro nutrient.

The Dr Repair has chelated iron in it & I add that to the daily watering, unless the plant doesn’t need watering.

This is the nutes & the regime


@raustin is amazing but maybe @Donaldj or @peachfuzz can also help for hydro type grows.


Just trying to find out about Sulfur

Wow, that’s quite a kit of nutes. Id like to hear what the others have to say about this, maybe one of them is familiar with these nutes.

Do you see any sulphur in those nutes?

Are you in vegg or flower?
In vegg ph should be around 6.0 and in flower I like to decrease my ph slowly till I end up around 5.5 at the end…
What stands out to me is the 1300 tds… what does that equate too as far as ppm… ?
It looks like your over giving them too much nutrients… new growth is burning because of too many nutrients… I can see it in your pics…
In a week you’ll really see the damage unless you flush them right away… :wink:
Your over feeding them is what I see… :wink:


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That was my next thought, @peachfuzz, and along with the over feeding it could also be a lockout from too many nutes.

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that kit is so complicated. my life is crazy enough. how do you manage all that?

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I have never had my ppm as high as what the cyco nutritionists is recommending… I think they are pushing the limits on their grows…:wink:
Makes sense… sell more nutrients… :wink:
I use gh 3 part and a few additives here and there… with results that I’m happy with… 20 bottles of nutrients seems really complicated… it takes up to 3 years just to have a strain on point , besides the feeding schedule that’s associated with it… :grin:
My goal is always to try to simplify things as much as possible… :wink:
I haven’t built a robot yet , but I really wish I could… :grin:



Cyco is awesome & very easy to use, you don’t use all of the nutes all of the time, just follow the chart & it helps make thick sticky buds. I’ve had one prob in the past from nute lock out & I just did a double dose of Kleanse & it came good.

@peachfuzz the 1300 is the recommended ppm for TDS(microsimens is for EC & ppm is for TDS) & I’m still in Veg, been going about 5 weeks & I’m going to go a bit longer so I can scrog. I use Kleanse, which is the one for flushing, each week.

@raustin @peachfuzz I’ve never had a problem with over feeding in the past, just deficiencies. :slight_smile:

Also, I think I’ve figured it out. My missus has be taking care of them while I’ve been away & I just found out she wasn’t doing the Kleanse each week & not checking the pH each time she waters(she would make up 5L & use it over two days, then not checking pH the second day)

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Over nutrition… :grin::roll_eyes::upside_down_face:
I told you Lucy… :wink::grin::sweat_smile::rofl::joy:
I’ve actually seen plants burn right before my eyes… literally… as I watched… they were on fire without a flame… super crazy… your almost to that point tho… :wink:
Also if ph was out of wack , then the plant can only take up certain nutrients… some too much and some not enough … :wink:

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Ah, so it could be a Ph problem after all. That makes sense.

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