New growth coming in yellow

Watered with correct ph haven’t had any nutrients bout 2 weeks due this Friday using technaflora recipe for success what could cause new leaves to grow in yel

Can you post a pic? That will help a lot.

Did you state that you have not given them nutrients for 2 weeks? How old are they?

Correct no nutrients bout 10 days these were born 5/30

You need to do a grow journal, so we can keep up with where you are at. You have a big plant, and drop in with; “my leaves are turning yellow”.

This looks like a mature plant. What['s the deal?

Sorry will follow up this evening with more information

Sorry for the lack of information here is the history of my grow for OG kush 4 plants total first set potted 6/10 second set 6/17 ph high 6.8 7.0 didn’t have adjuster at the time started noticing yellowing leaves. on 6/23 first set transplanted to smart pot on 6/28 second set put in smart pots 7/6 …first set giving technaflora recipe for success on 7/5 second set feed on 7/10 as of 7/16 first set 30" second set 23"…noticed something eating leaves added DE to top of soil notice new growth coming in yellow what causes this and can it be corrected

The only thing I can think of, is the roots are not getting enough Oxygen.

I am still fuzzy on “when”, you did not feed for 10 days…