My new growth is turning yellow, WHY?

I have had this problem for almost a year. I have changed genetics to see if that would help. I use RO and I even went and bought a new one just in case. I was feeding Advanced nutrients and I changed to fox farm now to see if that would help. I have changed many soils and nothing is working. I can’t get my veg room to grow. As soon as they start turning yellow the roots slow way down on growing. I have been cleaning everything. I even tried RO from another house.

Let’s get you started with a support ticket, answer all the relevant questions and we might be able to get an idea of what is going on.

ILGM Support Tickett

What is the strain?

Indoor or Outdoor?

Size of space?

Soil or Hydro? Medium used?


Type of nutrients used? NPK? PPM levels?


Humidity %?

Light system/watts/lumens/flux/par?

Vegetative Growth season or Bloom/Flower season? Number “weeks/days” from start of veg growth or into flowering?

20x15 room
Soil less medium
pH at 6.3
Vegetative, 2-5 weeks
Fox farm

foxfarm what? Their nutrient line? Their soil? What are your EC/PPMs?

Indoors? What kind of lights? Light system/watts/lumens/flux/par? Distance from plants?

It looks like a nitrogen deficiency. What are your EC/PPMs? What is your feeding regimen with the nutrient? I don’t have any familiarity with foxfarm other than a lot of people use it. I have no idea about mixes or NPK ratios, but knowing the PPMs of your nutrient mixture would be a big help, but you can have high PPMs and not enough nitrogen.

I also use great white, sub culture b,
The lights 1,000

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Ppm when I mix food is 1000-1200 at week 3 of veg
Fox farm grow is 6-4-4
The fish fertilizer is 5-1-1

I would say increase the percentage of the fish fertilizer, maybe? You still haven’t given a mix ratio that would give an idea of the NPK ratio of your mix when it is all said and done, I’m still thinking by the pictures it looks like a nitrogen deficiency.

We tested run off last night for pH and it was coming out at 5.3
The soil is pro mix HP and ocean forest mixed

The yellowing starts with the new growth then works it’s way through the plant

That’ll do it. The nitrogen will be locked out much below 5.5, especially in soil, you don’t really want it below 6.0

Every thing that I put in is at 6.3.

Doesn’t matter. What matters is what the pH is at the roots. That is where it counts. Your run-off’s pH is a truer indicator of what your root’s pH is at. You need to adjust to keep your run-off at around 6.5, no lower than 6.0

Also, you are getting root damage at around 5.4 pH, as I believe Latewood had also said in one of these posts recently.

Not sure how it would have gotten low all of a sudden,grown in same exact place,water,light setup,soil,15 diff genetics, all produced great above 12 every time for 2 yrs, then boom all started to show signs and all keep going down hill to the point of not worth flowering, brought full grown ones over and within 2 weeks they start showing signs of same thing, mind blown! Getting desperate! Trying test now on ph of run off on some other ones to see if it’s super low, do you run dolomite lime in your soil? Just gotta get this figured out gonna ask questions until I figure out something

No worries, I might not always be able to get back to you this quick. Garden Lime is probably a good idea.