Leaves are yellowing, suggestions?

A question from a fellow grower:

Hi, we purchased one of the beginners kits, including the tent, light, and everything else… I have a question because I am concerned about some yellowing of the leaves of our new crop. This is our second crop. I have pictures but I cannot attach them to this email. The edges of some of the leaves are yellowing and in some of the plants there are full yellowing leaves. The plants themselves are about 14 inches tall. They’re being kept from the light by 12 inches. We have been following a strict the nutrient regiment as you are recommending

I did read the symptom checker and my best guess is calcium or magnesium deficiency. However, the plants were put in the recommended soil (fox something) and have been given the correct nutrients throughout their lives. I am going to try a full flush and re nutrient today Pictures attached, please advise

Flush and re-nute would’ve been my suggestion so think you have it handled. Ph and ppm goes up through time since not all nutes you feed to your plant are used many stay in the soil as salts some prevent this by flushing several times during a grow cycle so you are on the right track. It could be P-K def most ammended soils will have everything for one stage of plants life cannabis has very different needs at veg than flower add some cal mag and your reg flowering feed after rinse make sure your run off is right ph and ppm.
she will be fine

Nutrient? Maybe…

Once a week for mine,stinks like fish but does the job…

But the hydroponics is something els…:seedling:

A flush will likely help, it is probably a pH problem in the root zone or soil. Fill out a support ticket, or at least get us the pH numbers, in the soil, in the water you give it and in the run-off, this info will at least confirm or rule out if pH was part of the problem.

@cswart77, same thing, what is the pH in your reservoir? You should also fill out a support ticket.