New grower, top or bottom feed?

First, hello everyone! Sorry if this is in the wrong section, didn’t see a specific section for feeding questions.

Growing indoors, potted. I’m getting help from a family member that’s been doing it about 4 years, and he’s easing me into it so I unfortunately don’t know everything he’s using as he’s giving me the plants out of veg until I get moved and set up my own veg space. He said he didn’t want to overwhelm me early on which I get to an extent. And since he’s been doing well for so long I’m happy to trust him.

Anyway he bottom feeds and that’s what I’ve been doing(by hand), but is there a reason to top feed? Pros and cons to each? I’ve had one harvest bottom feeding, averaged a little over 1/2 pound per plant(after dried) using 1000 watt bulbs, at about 1.5 plants per light. I have been letting them soak up what they’ll take and adding about 1500ml extra on a 2 day cycle.

I’m in the middle of setting up a auto-watering system and am curious if top or bottom would be better. Also if it’s easier or more difficult to overwater them bottom feeding. This harvest I’ve had to feed them everyday(making sure they dry out between), as the only way to get them to last 2 days between feeding was to let them sit in water overnight, which just makes me nervous.

The only other thing I’m concerned about is my temp is hanging around 83-84 during the day, dropping to about 76 at night. My understanding is that since I’m adding CO2 that a bit higher temperature is ok. Is that right?

Thanks for any advice.


I water from the top normally but have also used a earth box which pulls from the bottom. Both ways work great. Can’t say I see much of a difference either way as far as size goes. I’d ssy in your case if it isn’t broken why change it.

I grow using a living soil so I top dress nutrients and water them in as they break down with assistance from the worms.

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Hi Jeff, welcome aboard.

Top watering can attract fungus gnats. Bottom watering can cause root rot.

After learning about AutoPots on this forum earlier this summer I decided to give them a try. AutoPots bottom feeds the plants from a reservoir that won’t flood the roots again until almost all the liquid is consumed. You can leave your plants unattended for as long as the water in the reservoir holds out.

Just finishing up my first grow since I’m using it outdoors and harvest is near. The only complaint I have with the AutoPot system is that five gallons of coco doesn’t weigh enough to keep an 8-foot tall plant from blowing over. I had to weight the base with bricks, then eventually tie it to a table.


Welcome and feel at ease asking questions. No dumb questions only answers from those that came before us. As to watering, if its working I don’t know if I would, seems that your getting nice results.
happy growing :rofl: :bat:

Thanks for the tips, the root rot is what I’m most concerned about with bottom feeding.

My soil is still wet after a few days and I’ve had slowed growth and wilting. I don’t think it’s root rot(but I’m a newb lol), I dig into the soil as much as I was comfortable and the roots I could see were white and didn’t have a mildew smell, just smelled like wet soil. But my sinuses are all jacked atm… How far down into the pot would I have to go to see root problems?