New grower, need some advice

Hello everyone,
I am a new grower and everything was going well up to a couple of days ago, my bruce banors Leaves started drying out even though they are moist and started to gain yellow on the leaves… My girl scout looks just fine at the moment (on the right) Here are the details…

Bruce banor auto
Week 4
Ph in 6.5
Ph out 6.4
Temp 73F
FF coco loco
Using jacks 1.2.3 at 80% with calmag.
Light 24hr 18" from top of banor.

Can anyone give me some advice?


They need to be re-potted and they are not in need of any feeding your burning them with that.
The meter you have in the one solo cup is useless.


Advice, yes, don’t freak out about a discolored leaf. This looks like a non-lethal case of over nutrient loading. Those plants look they are craving some serious light and some fan ventilation. Jack it up. Grow on.

Those needed repotted ASAP, the solo cups are way too small.


What @BigItch said. Get them in forever pots. Those girls wanna get their groove on in the roots area.


Or you can join this thread and give it a go :joy:

Thanks giys

WELCOME TO THE FORUM! Lots of good info!