New grower in need of some help

Hi everyone I’m still new to growing and I have an issue with my girl that I can’t seem to diagnose. There seems to be holes forming in the leaves. I don’t have any bugs I’m using the fox farm line up. FFOF and nutes. I am using a spider farms sf2000 for light. I ph to 6.5 and have plenty of air circulation. My temps rand from 65-80f the humidity is 45-55. Any advice would be appreciated. It’s on both plants.other than these spots they seem to be doing well.

Are you running a fan on your plants? It looks like it could be wear from leaves rubbing together. They look otherwise healthy with good new growth.

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I do have a 12 in oscillating fan in there. And I have only given 1 round of 1/2 strength feeding. They have been living off the soil nutes for about a month.

Agree with fixer, it looks like its from fan movement.

@GOMB. My oscillating fan was chewing up my plants on even the lowest setting. I traded it out for two small non-oscillating fans and just turn my plants. I’ll see how the harem looks in a couple of days.

Is it really a problem? Will it actually hurt anything? I was having white powder mildew issues before I put it in. I was using smaller 6 inch stationary fans at first.

I’d rather have cosmetic issues on a few leaves rather than WPM.


Wear looks to be in a odd spot for friction wear there’s not much above them to rub on

@MidwestGuy. Agreed! In my case the damage took me down the dark rabbit hole of nute burn or deficiency, pests, lights, temps, and humidity. This newbie doesn’t want the stress so I only test one variable a week. If I can see if it was mechanical damage I won’t have to fret about all the others (cross fingers!).

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The only other thing I see as possible is pests, but the wear pattern just doesn’t look like pests. It looks like rubbing.

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I agree it does but I wouldn’t dismiss it because its location …are you rough with your plants are they close by any stationary objects?

They are in the open. But it is Breezy. I looked for pest with a loupe. It seems like it’s one on a few leaves at the moment. My lights are 30 inches above. So I hope it’s not light burn

Yeah, if you see pests you’ll want to treat right away. Pretty artful little guys drawing patterns on a few of your leaves.

This is the setup.

Naw light burn would happen within 10 inches for most led fixtures I’m stumped

That’s a big fan pretty close for those plants.
I would suggest sliding your light and plants towards the door more and leave your fan there but aim it at them. If you can’t turn it down anymore than it is of course.

Also be sure to always check the under side of leafs for pests.

Thanks for all the info. I moved them forward and raised the fan 20 inches or so. Seems to not be getting any worse👍🏻