New grow 4x4 to 10x10 hps

4x4 tent uses ts1000 and other led 1000

Here is the seedling coco coir
6.7 ph

55 to 75% rh daytime
50 night

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Strains are 2 pineapple express
1 Durban poision
1 green crack


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They look good! I would set ph to 5.8ish for coco, and maybe add holes in cups around the bottom.

Do you have bigger lights for when you move to flowering these?


Oooh! Can’t wait to see the PE! I killed mine accidentally by forgetting her on the deck in 102 degree weather. She was supposed to be out for 5 minutes and ended up there all day… RIP PE.

Set to,watching​:face_with_monocle::nerd_face:


Will be watching.

Happy growing


Yep in coco I’d adjust the pH to 5.8 looking like a good start as dbm asks. Are u or do u have any more lights for flowering as the ts 1000 is like 100w and I’m sure ur other light is that or less for a 4x4 or looking at wanting no less than atleast 750 true watts to flower it properly good luck I’m watching


in my flowering room is a whole room 2 600 hps and 1 tsl 2000 on side.

i think i am going to try to plant 1 under each light and 2 under the tsl 2000

the 4x4 text has a enjoyeild 200 watt led and ts1000 100 watt.


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I am looking for a cheaper ph meter not the junk yellow one I have all ph soulions to calibration no meter.
I looked at local grow store and it was 55$ for a cheap pen type.

I have a Hannah meter 200$ but the probe says it is bad idk I did not buy it.


Amazon the vivosun 1 is the only 1 I can think :thinking:


U can buy new probe heads usually for them but I’d stick with no less than aprea ph20 if u don’t fix hanna

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I have a ph20 that still works but have been using apera sx620. They are pretty good units for the price. I think sx610 is little cheaper but still has replaceable tip

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Okay I might go with the sx620 I’m not sure yet it is 100 dollars for a new probe for the hanna meter I have never used. Idk which is best yet. I am trying to use the yellow cheap junk ATM seems to work my water is around 6.7 6.5 today’s watering and they seem to really loke that lower ph
Soil is ocean forest with lava rock. And perlite is the soil they will go into after coco. When I grow in coco coir the seedling take longer why is that is there something else I should use other then cococoir

Here Is a image from cammra inside tent.


Is it true that wattage-wise, a HPS of 300 watts is around equal to a LED diode light of double the wattage (600watts)? I used an HPS one time and it had stellar results though caused a lot of heat issues.

@spacey I have 2 hps 600 watt bulb. How far should I put them from the plant :potted_plant:

Hoping to yield over a pound with the 2 hps.

With HPS or LED lights, it’s all about the heat generated from the light. With more airflow and/or space you can put them closer, but in general, the manual should tell you. They sometimes mention tomato plants in the manual of course, but I wouldn’t put them closer than 16"-18" from the topmost part of the plant.

In a grow tent, pruning tops to equal heights is a good idea since there’s a space issue.

My 1000 watt LED has this image on their manual.


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@spacey 600 watt hps light distance mine is around 3.5 foot.

What square foot area works good for your 600 watt HPS? I’m trying to decide on a 600 watt or a 1000 watt HPS for a total of 6 plants. I know the electric bill will increase, but who cares lol.

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I was going to put 1 plant under 600 watt hps how many plants do you think can grow from it.

My ceiling is 8foot like is 7foot from floor