New and seeking lighting help and understanding

Thanks and yes! They have a 240w, which is $179, and a 480 which is $360. Shipping was $17, got mine in 3 days. I liked my first 240 so much I got a second.
My 5 plant grow just yielded something slightly north of a pound - still waiting for the biggest plant to dry.

I will endorse these lights all day long.

@Graysin has helped me a ton, but this was the #1 piece of advice she gave me.


Yessir. @SynysterChris is also a new addition to Team Green Beams.

I’ll report back yield on my GB powered plants once they dry. I’m guessing maybe .75 lbs between the two but may be wrong.


Yup I’ll vouch for them too, to me seems comparable to any other high end high quality company, but much more reasonable price and american made.
Their only downfall is only having two sizes.
I got their 480 and am about 2-3 weeks into flowering, and even having the light 24" above canopy I don’t need it turned up more than 80% to get a healthy light intensity and happy plants.
Also these things are like a freezer compared to some other companies lights.
My cheapy 150w gets HOT, the greenbeams480 barely gets warm.
They’re a great investment, if I ever expand I’m getting more of them lol


You can either lower ur light to get more ppfd or u can raise ur light and turn it up a bit .this is what works for me when i have seedlings i have my light on 40% to 50% and i have my light raised to just under half mark of my tent my PPFD is normally 250-350 and DLI is normally around 45 but thats what works for me

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The greenbeams 480w is under 400$,
Their 240s are 179 each, I would say a great idea would be two of the 240s. Basically same as the 480 except you can move them further apart if needed, and I think 3 or even more plants is 100% okay with that. Just don’t try to grow them 6 ft tall for light penetration issues haha

Before I weeded out some males I had 6 plants under my 480 and they were all beautiful.
I beleive how much wattage you need ‘per plant’ entirely depends on the plant. 4 small plants in 3 gallon pots can thrive on the same light that 1 large tall plant would need.


I can probably show examples of why growing 6’ plants under a 240w may be the stupidest idea ever. Because I keep doing it. :joy::rofl:

Yes. This is exactly right when we’re talking about indoor growing. The measurement really needs to be “watts per square foot” not “watts per plant.” ideal wattage per sq ft while vegging is 15-40 watts (lower quality light will require more wattage to do the job) while ideal wattage per sq ft while flowering will be around 30-50 watts. (Again, lower quality lights will require more wattage per square foot). I aimed for about 50 watts per square foot when assembling my room. I actually would like more lighting, but my current circuit breaker won’t allow for more. I need to upgrade my electrical and build it out to 2 dedicated 30A breakers to avoid tripping sh!t.

Anyway. I’d figure Green Beams as a solid light, probably around the 40 watt per square foot threshold for flowering wattage figuring. So a 480 watt would easily do a 2x2, 2x4, or 3x3. You could get it into a 4x4, but expect to need to train the plants and be diligent about defoliation and canopy maintenance to get the most out of it.


Thank you that Is a helpful tip. proper light height is something I really question. I know now I need better lights. my seedling got leggy in the first week. So I figured they were light starved and invested in what I though were better lights. they are better but still not good enough quality i dont think. During second week the stretching has stopped but it seems all growth has ground to a halt. I think at this point ive been under watering, out of fear of over watering…I must say my hat is off to successful growers. Its much harder than I imagined. Ive only ever grown outdoors twice and this is my first indoor grow. huge learning process. just hate to see the girls suffer from my mistakes and ignornace. I guess that how it comes.

so If i put them close together about 3x3 foot space the 360w would support 3 plants through whole process? Im having a time understanding the wattage needs of LEDs. I know now that quality and other numbers seem to matter more than just wattage, but still trying to understand just what I need and it seems lots of bad info if you just trust product reviews on amazon. I do now have so leads on better quality lights so thats good. I do intend to put reflective material behind them on 2 walls. have them set up in a corner. I may end up having to go with a grow tent just not crazy about the idea, not sure why. Thank you for your time and response


Ok thank you. Im learning the names of some quality products now. I was ignorant to these companies before and went in trust amazon reviews. but luckily I think Ican get some use out of what I have and still have room to invest in better.


I looked them up and they are best deal ive found with the samsung diodes everyone is telling me to look for. I think I may have found what i need thank you!



You’re welcome. When I started growing I used a T-5 HO florescent light, did it grow plants yes but light and airy buds now I use it for my seedlings. “HAPPY GROWING”

I have a older HLG v260 watt light in my 3x3x6 tent, I usually only grow 2 plants at a time, now I have 4 in there LOL. You should be fine with 3 plants. I would look at tents for growing. I’ll tag you in my Journal.

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This is what my babies look like at 2 weeks. They seem healthy, maybe a bit dark which makes me worry about under watering? I just feel like they should be bigger and have more nodes. I have learned that i should not have started them in final container. I just figured it would be less stressful than a transplant but have learned since that it leads to watering problems. Today before i watered I did put some all purpose Dr. earth top spread on them. probably a paniced mistake but it seems pretty mild. probably need to learn not to worry them to death.

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Thank you for journal invite. Looking at your plants at 4 weeks old, im certain ive stunted mines growth. you have some very beautiful plants, well done. I may need to look into the coco coir.

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This grow I started them in there forever home, usually I start them in solo-cups. But they seemed small compared to the solo-cup, I guess they need time to get their roots under them. It is looking good though. When watering water in a circle about an inch away from the stem that makes the roots search for water. With coco be prepared to water them every day with nutes.

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I got the two 240s because I bought one and loved it so added another. They have a small footprint for their wattage, two fits into my 3x3 with room to spare. I currently have one plant that’s light sensitive. I burned it under a 150W while it was hanging out waiting to move to my bigger tent. The other plant just grew like mad.

So now the delicate one has her own private light, turned down to achieve a DLI of about 40. Tough Stuff has hers set to DLI 50. The delicate one is now looking good, except of course damaged leaves don’t recover. The new growth looks nice and green and normal.

So for me, two “small” worked better than one “big”. Works out to the same price so that’s not even a consideration.