Never know when to transplant

Hello fellow growers. Just wondering if you fine people think this plant is ready to be transplanted into its final 5 gallon fabric pot.

This was a bag seed of Death Star. I do not know if it is a boy or a girl as of yet. Is it still too young to take a clipping and put it to flower? How old does it have to be? I have another bag seed Sweet Bubba that is about two weeks behind in the same situation.

Should I transplant to the 5 gallon or wait a bit in order to sex it first?

Opinions please.

On a side note does anyone think my NL girl is ready. I want to start the flush but I just gave her a bloom feed.

Thanks everyone.


I don’t see any amber in your NL so it doesn’t look ready to me

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You can transplant now and it won’t hurt a bit, but I don’t see any signs of the plant begging to be transplanted

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The problem is the state of the roots tell you when to transplant, but you usually don’t see the roots until you do! So I grow seedlings in a transparent solo cup with a red solo cup around it. That way the roots don’t get light-burned, but I can slip the transparent cup out to look at the roots any time I want. When you see a bunch of roots against the transparent cup walls, time to transplant.

Don’t forget to punch some drain holes through both cups near the bottom. Line them up whenever you put the two cups back together.


@HJL you can definitely transplant her into the forever home
She’ll actually love you fir it
I will transplant as soon as i see riots at the bottom of my starter pots
Post a over all shot of the NL
I see lots of white pistols in the shot to say its ready yet

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