Neting and fencing

I have been looking around at a bunch of post and picture and notice a lot of you guys put a net or so sort of fencing over your plants. I was wondering what this does and at what point you do it. I am sure this is dumb question but I am learning. :crazy_face:



The term used for it is “screen of green” or SCROG. It is a technique used to keep a plant short and wide. This accomplished two things: more efficient use of your light because more bud sites are exposed to light on the plant and keeping the plant short for indoor grows where height restrictions are common.


No question is dumb @jmlove123…its how we have all learned :slight_smile:

What you are referring to is Scrogging or "screen of green. Kind of a low stress training method. It is a method by which you encourage your plant to produce more cola’s. Pretty easy to do really as long as you know what you are doing.

Lots of info here if you search for scrog, scrogging or scrog screens

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@Bogleg and @rodri59 thanks so much. I am so glad that i have some place to ask question.


Welcome to the ILGM Forum Family @jmlove123 That tutorial that @bogleg posted should help, but please feel free to ask any questions you might have. The deal is using a SCROG lets us grow a plant indoors that would normal be too big to grow. It works great! I have done it!

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I have one going right now if you want to check it out:

I just switched to flower this past weekend.


Yup @Bogleg got it in one

Here’s mine at 4th week of flower


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