Nersury grow bags

I’m curious, anyone ever give non woven biodegradable nersury grow bags a try. I’m into the 3rd week using them and so far so good. I like to grow Autos. Everyone says “dont transplant autos”. I have with ecellent results. But this is new. A little fabric like bag filled with my favorate soil, plop in a sprout and let it go. The roots grow right through the bag. So when its ready for moving you can put it into its forever home with no shock at all.


This is very interesting to me!! May I follow up on your post?
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I’m using quart bags for my plants this year. The plants can stay in them for at least their first month. They then go into 3-5 gallon bags and they may then go into 7-10 gallon bags. I just put them into the new bag without removing the plant from the old bag.

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If they are what I’m thinking… I know several people who use them and they seem to work great.

At this point of my grow on 4 Blueberry Autos started in nursery grow bags I’m not sure I’m liking them. First in using a mix of Fox Farms OF and coco with perlite, 75/25. As much as I like this soil using the smaller bags was a mistake I believe.
In the last 2 years I have not experienced issues with NPK, but now I’m seeing a nitrogen dificiency. I do not supply nutrients in the first 2-3 weeks and the ffof feed the seedlings fine.
Not so here it seems. It could also be cal-mag issues. These plants are a much lighter green then I’ve seen.
Not sure about the ph also. The ph meter I use does not stay calibrated so I spent the mosey for a new on ariving today. Once I know what the actual ph is it will make it better for me to diagnose.
I guess I have been lucky with my past grows. I realized that I was pushing the neuts pretty hard and my buds suffered some. So I’m using a new schedule which is probubly too week.
Folks, I just want to say that regardless of problems this is a really fascinating “hobby” with benefits. I LOVE GROWING MARIJUANA.

You don’t say why. I get it you’re having problems, but I don’t believe they could be traced back to the plant’s container unless you are leaving the plant in there too long. Even then, I’ve seen some of the entries in the Solo cup challenge.