Blueberry auto FIRST GROW EVER

I am at day 10 with my blueberry autoflower sprouts in a 5 gallon cloth pot. I used fox farm ocean forest soil and that is it.
I created a mixture of fox farm grow big in a spray bottle. I feel like I introduce nutrients to soon.

Now I am battle soil ph levels between 1 & 2.
I order worm casting and dolomite lime thru Amazon and should be here in 2 days.

I intend on putting both on the top of my soil.
This is my first grow. Any advance would be much appreciated😊Thanks in advance!!

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Whoa buddy slow your roll. First you don’t need to add any nutrients or casings or anything other than calmag for 4 weeks. All of that stuff your adding is already in there so now your pushing it into toxic levels. Relax make sure you water is phed to 6.5 add 5ml of calmag every other week and just watch it.


Welcome to the forum brother. Yeah like skorpion said, you don’t want to be adding any nutes to that soil until at least week 4. The FF ocean Forrest soil is rich in nutrients, the plant will grow well with only water. Once you see a sign of lighter color green leaves, then you can go ahead and start nutes


I have also seen where it is week 5 sometimes 6 in ocean.


What procedure did you use to measure those pH levels of between 1 and 2?

What prompted you to measure the pH of your soil to begin with? Were your plants having issues?


I used the Ruolan Soil Ph Meter for Soil.
I have not calibrated the VIVOSUN pH and TDS Meter Combo. Its kinds intimidating. (I don’t have a beaker just yet.

What prompt me to check soil was that I felt I put nutrients on my sprout too soon due to the leaf colors start to fade.
I am learning as I go so all I focus on initially was humity and temp. But as I read I am under the impression for autos the PH level is most important other than watering.

Here are pictures from today. Any tips would be much appreciated. Thank you for your help.

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THANK YOU for your insight. I feel like maybe I was looking at to many different you tube videos for my researcher then smarten up and reach out to ILGM yesterday.

So I will hold off of work casting. Now the CalMal- I order Dolomite Plus Magnesium and Calcium"Greenway Biotech Brand" 2 Pounds

Yesterday and should be here Friday.
How would I start to introduce it to the soil.

My soil in my pot has settle kinda low in my cloth pot as well. I am tempted to add more soil…

Thank you for the tip. I will defiantly keep that in mind!

When you say nutrients do you mean the fox farm trio or are you referring to worm castings? Maybe both?

How should I try to bring my ph up in my soil?
Thank you in advance.

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Now is the perfect time to add any additional soil to offset the settling while there’s still time to use up those nutrients.

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Thank you. I definitely dont want to harm my little guy.

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Welcome to the community ! it is not likely that your pH is 1 to 2 . If you plan on continuing to grow cannabis. I do recommend buying a good pH meter apera or blue lab around fifty bucks well worth the money. You’ll get pH solution 4 and 7 an you can do a 2-point calibration and be accurate. Just my thoughts good luck.


Yeah I had forgotten the ph. I agree there’s no way that’s an accurate reading. I would have told you to buy a cheap ph meter but I tossed my Vivosun in the trash last night and my new apera will be here Friday. Haven’t used it yet but everyone on the forum say they are dependable.


Yes I’m talking about the FF trio. I usually do RO water only until about week 4 or 5 and then once i notice the leaves not as dark green anymore, I’ll introduce big bloom and grow big. That’s when I start the schedule at week 4 of veg. You can veg however long you like, just continue feeding your plant that week 4 nutes until you flip your plants to 12/12 then that’s when you introduce week 5 nutes and go on from there. Week 5 on the schedule is your week 1 of flower. Week 6 is your week 2 of flower and so on.



You need to stop what you are doing!

The problem you are having with your plant is the way you water it. Too little, too often. You need to give your pot a good soaking then leave it alone for at least 5-7 days. Your roots aren’t developing because there is only a little water in the top inch or two of soil.

I suspect your pH readings are not correct, a pH of 1-2 would make it difficult to grow anything. It is very difficult to get accurate pH readings from your soil since there are critical steps that need to be followed. You should not try to correct the pH of the soil, it is more likely correct then your readings.


Hello and welcome @green_as_the_grass. I am on my second grow of autos, but my first was blueberry.
As you can tell by the growers here helping you already. They have your best growing interest at heart.
Follow the help, and watch your girls over the next couple weeks.
To make you feel better; my first grow mistake mirrors yours. Only I used miracle grow and burnt my girls up. After following the advise from the exact great ones that are helping you; my girls survived my mistakes.
You can see by the picture that my blueberry’s survived my ignorance thanks to these growers.
I Will wait to see your result in 13-14 weeks.
Welcome to the Forum,Stay patient, and happy Growing!


Thank you for your insight.

Your absolutely correct in the way I have be watering. I have be watering very little multiple times a day in the farthest spots of the pot. I also have been misting the plant with water at least 6 times a day. I have been monitoring very closely not to overwater with the thought of root roit and questioning the soil I used (ff ocean forest)and not getting happy frog.

I just got back word on the soil I had tested at a local shop and my ph level is ok but the ppm is high.

So I will "flush it"and wait the 5-7 days to rewater. I will test the soil moisture before adding any more water.

Yikes… I am scared to it flush it. Any tips to make sure I don’t do it the wrong way?

Also one of my fans fell one of my plants that was already reaching. That plant was uprooted…


What was considered high?

Fox farms ocean forest will be least 2000-3000 ppm new and that should be considered normal. I’ve had it even higher with no problems, but then again I tend to push the nutrients to their limits.

If you flush to reduce ppm (not saying you should) you need a quality ppm meter and access to lots of good water. You slowly introduce water at first so the soil swells up and the water doesn’t run straight through, then you just keep adding water and checking the runoff ppm until you reach your target goal.

Again, I doubt high ppm is your problem, it’s the way you water. Either way, if you flush or not, you will water until you get runoff and then leave it alone for at least 5 - 7 days until the pot almost dries out.


What is the brand name of your new apparatus?

I got the apera ai209. I also got the ai213 tds meter while I was buying a ph meter. Not cheap around 100 for both.