Neem oilim finding it bad vs good

Ive read a lot about neem oil and how great it is im not agreeing with that ive never put poison on my plants before and bugs are still getting on them and now they stink like that insteadof smelling wonderful and you have to get it off your plants long before they flower i would think

I don’t use it. @Myfriendis410 suggest straight hydrogen peroxide then 48 hours later Captain Jacks dead bug. Repeat weekly.


@Daisy_dog-17 I reply in another thread as follow:
"I’ve been growing vegetables for 3 decades and dealt with these damnable mites. They love tomatoes and eggplants. I’ve successfully treated them organically with a few cloves of garlic and hottest chili pepper. I always have the small Thai pepper on hand but habenaro would be great. I pulverize them in mortar and pestle. By crushing all the cells with pounding rather using blender, you release all of the volatile gas making it more potent. Add a quart of water and strain it into spray bottle. Add a few drips of dishwashing detergent like Dawn. Then go nuke them. This will kill them on contact, and aphids will dieon contact too. The detergent helps it to stick to the plants and protect it for a few more days. In the peak of the season in the summer.
, you may have to hit it twice a week.

Last year, I planted the eggplant sand discovered that it was their favorite food they like even more than tomatoes. So I am not growing eggplants any more. However, the notes don’t start until it warms up in the 80’s, so start spraying the plant before it’s even noticeable. It will save a lot more work later than spraying after you see it. Because by that time, they established colonies with eggs will survive all season.