Need to complain

I need to make a complaint about loosing several seeds how do I go about it

I used this once & they were more than helpful.

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On the seed site, contact us, an fill out a ticket

Thanks a lot

If you want some germination tips go ahead and ask most of us do our own little procedure with hydrogen pyroxide that ups it to about 95% success rate otherwise best of luck with your next batch ilgm always makes good on their guarantee


I purchased 10 Blue Dream Fem seeds
Pre soaked 24 hours in distilled room temp h20
Placed soaked seed in hydrated peat pellets and watered from the bottom
After 14 days still none of the seedlings have emerged
? As to a problem

Welcome to the community. If they have not sprouted in 14 days, they never will. My seeds always sprout in 4 or 5 days. Sounds like you kept the peat pellet too wet and the seeds/sprouts rotted.


You need to come up with a better germination routine. Just start with one or two seeds at a time until you get it figured out. What works best for one person may not work well for another so take what I say with that in mind.

The general consensus on this form seems to suggest starting out by soaking your seeds in water with a little bit of hydrogen peroxide added. Keep the seedlings warm, 75-80 degrees best.

At this point there is no consensus, some like me leave it in the water until the seed splits open, usually in 36-48 hours. Others remove the seeds from the water after 24 hours, dampen some paper towels and place the seeds between the folds of the towel until they germinate. The paper towels must remain moist by covering with something.

From here on this is personal preference, everyone here seems to do something that works for them. You’ll have to try different things for yourself.

Get some cannabis friendly potting soil, fox farms is a common brand, a small bag of seed starter, and some small plastic pots or Solo drink cups. Fill all but the top two inches of the pots with soil, top them off with the seed starter. Wet the pots until you get a little run off. You’ll notice that the seed starter doesn’t soak up the water, it will just float on top. The seed starter makes it hard to overwater your seedling until the roots reach the soil. You need to spray the seed starter with water to dampen it.

Once the seeds split open, make a small indentation in the seed starter, drop in the seed tap root down and cover it back up. Keep the cup in a humidity dome until the seedling comes up, remove the dome for a few hours at a time until the seedling starts its second set of real leaves.

You’ll hear others methods as well, try different things until you find something you are comfortable with. Good luck


Thank You good info
I broke down one of my peat pellets and found the seed had sent out its hypocotyl, and looked healthy. I’ll wait a few more days to check emergence