Need some opinions on Ac infinity fans t8

Hi all just wondering who uses ac infinity fans and opinions on noise levels, i just have a standard ebay 8” exhaust and its kind of loud if i have people over i get nervous of them hearing it lol anyone have the 8” ac infinity can tell me if its nice and quiet and are they worth buying? Cheers

they’re definitely way quieter than the standard fans. exactly how quiet is hard to qualify.


Been running a 6 inch for a year and a half 24/7 never missed a beat. Alot quieter than a vivosun I also have.

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The fans themselves are real quiet especially when not driven full blast but are still quiet when all the way up. The noisy part comes from the air movement these things produce.


Ok cheers guys think it might be the way to go and also get the insulated ducting with it, does anyone have any links where to buy from im in Australia by the way :+1:t2:

If you think you need the controller that comes with the T series fans, I would suggest ordering the S8 and the controller 67. If you don’t need the controller look at the Raxial line of fans they have. I bought the Raxial 6" as an intake fan for my 4x4 and while it doesn’t have the nice mount like the Cloudlines do, it easily keeps up with the T6 exhaust with a carbon filter. I have the T4 in a 3x3, T6 and a Raxial 6 in a 4x4, the controllers are neat, but it my case I ended up setting them to a static speed and disabled the automatic settings. Had I known that I would have bought all Raxials and just set the speed, the 6" I have is nearly as quiet as the T6. If I did replace my cloudlines with raxials I would go up a size on exhaust fans and use an 8" instead of a 6" to compensate for reduced cfm and to be able to dial the fan back to run quieter.

I have the T8 with the control panel and set high temp and fan speed to 4 and it draws the heat out of my 4x4 tent in about 15 seconds or less. I went for the bigger fan size so I don’t have to run it full speed and also if I go to a bigger tent, I won’t need a bigger fan.