Need some advice on growing outside

A question of a fellow grower:
I planted two out side earlier this year about 2.5 month back (southeast usa) but no growth altho those did germinate (only planted two… water was with healthy (tested) lake water good soil…just never came up. Can you help me out with advise on those two possible? I hope these three I have inside will stay with me, inside grow CFL humity about 50% temp about 75 degrees give or take a few degrees, lots of moving air, occasional co2 30 min spans bout 3/4 times a day, light for about 16/17 hrs. Do you feel these will survive?

  • Strain: beginners pack (can yo tell me what this strain is that is sold…again I am clueless ((a noob))

  • Type (fem/auto/reg): what ever was sent so I am unsure as how to answer your questions on your(company) beginners pack maybe you know more than I, if so, please enlighten me as I would love to learn more

  • Climate (indoor/outdoor): outdoor and indoor two sprouted seed were planted outside but never came up a total loss so I waited to go inside in soil NO Buckets no hydro…SOIL only

  • Medium (soil/hydro/details): soil and composted with worm castings and worms in soil

  • pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: no solution and not sure what you mean but if you are referring to water it is a healthy lake/water which test at 7ph and ppm 30

  • Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): no buckets have only fed with worms (indoor)

  • Light type & schedule: light schedule 17 on 7 off cfl day light many of them overhead one blue light one red light led

  • Temperatures day & night: about 75 degrees fluctuates slightly

  • Humidity day & night: about 50

  • Ventilation: 4 fans two of the fans oscillate

  • AC: no

  • Humidifier: no basement is somewhat damp already

  • De-humidifier: yes set at 50% humidity 80 degrees currently showing 77 degrees 53 humidity also two other thermostats, one reads 65 degrees away from lights 63 closer to lights

  • Co2: yes runs in 30 min. increments 4 or more time a day total of 2+ hours again …intermittent throughout daytime and closer to the girls

The two plants look very good so far one very small one which had some issues but seems to be coming around nicely for now the other one (Three) has just started with second level of leaves appears ok at this time. Two other sprouted seeds (indoor same atmosphere as the healthy plants) did not do anything …

pictures please?