Need pro HELP to solve this strange yellow leaves on new growth

I’m eager to trigger her flower when I transplanted her eight days ago from 1 gallon plastic part to a 3 gallon fabric pots My medium is 2/3 potting soil 1/3 Coco and some extra perlite I am end with down to earth 444 and microbes from Xtreem gardening Michae my medium is 2/3 potting soil 1/3 cocoa and some extra perlite I am end with down to earth for for for and microbes from extreme gardening MiKos this plant always have slightly yeah we were gross then turn perfectly green it wasn’t a very smooth transplant due to the first part she was in but she did not seem to Drop or slow down her growth after the transplant. There is a possibility when I mended the sorrel for the transplant I could’ve have overfed her. First I thought this was some micro nutrient lock out would too much of the extreme gardening product mikos lead to any of this? Is another possibility l.I am basically laying down everything I’ve done to the plant since the problem started as a simple yellow leaf will not give a pro a right diagnosis never force anybody says anything about pH I fluctuated from 6.0-7.0 back-and-forth as to prevent any micro nutrients from being taken in my first thought was a possible lockout of zinc or iron but this seems like a less likely situation and please note This problem only arose after I am mended my soil And transplanted

Looks like early and fast moving calmag. Specifically Cal. Are u supplementing any at all? I usually add full strength doses around this age. The better ur lights, the hungrier they are. Could also be from fluctuating pH. Try to keep it between 6.4-6.7.

Generally, yellowing at the top is new growth. Which I think is happening.
However, ALL the leaves are scrunched up…indicates too many nutes. The yellow streaks also indicate too many nutes.

Suggest backing off the nutes and a little extra plain ph’d watering to hopefully lessen the nute strength. If it doesn’t…the growing media maybe loaded with too many nutes.

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If they are loaded with to many bites what is the best course of action? I am in a fabric pots should water through until it’s flushed of some nutes

Generally with high ppms you will flush until you get to the desired level. Your nutrients should have a schedule based on the age of your plant. Flush with pure pH’d water.

Three possible courses of action: 1 keep as is and hope it dilutes nutes. 2 flush with plain ph’d water till run off reads within PH range. 3 remove some of the prefertilized soil…replace with plain soil.

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