New to growing help diagnose

Hope this works. First time posting to a forum. First time grower. 3 1/2 weeks old. New growth yellowing. Transplanted a week and a half ago to 3 gallon fabric pots with Foxfarm ocean forest soil. Water ph is 6.3 and feeding schedule is once every 2 days or as soon top soil is dry up to 2 inches deep. Adding no nutes yet.


Welcome @Googan6! Looks good. It’s just new growth that hasn’t filled in with chlorophyll yet. Should be right as rain in a day or 2

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Thanks man

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It’s a sign of fast growth so that’s a good thing.


I concur, looks really good!! Welcome to the community and Happy Growing. :v:

Welcome to the community. Like the others said.

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Thank you

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It looks good to me u could give 2mls of cal/mag in the water next time u feed them but keep up the good work