Need nutes help

Curious when to start giving nutrients to my little ones. I’ve heard since it’s in happy frog soil I don’t need to start till week 5-6… is that true? My other question is if my roots always find nutrients and started from seedling in a five gallon pot will they really ever need nutrients or until the roots reach the bottom of the bucket? Will they be able to use all the soils nutrients or? Also if anybody has any opinions on how these two look I’d appreciate that also! Thanks guys!

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@kjcarr24 welcomed to the community
You girls looking good, nice job
About nute I should not worry in happy frog until week 4 them started to nute small amount of you nutrients
Congratulations, happy growing

They photos or autos

This is where a TDS meter can help determine when it’s time to supplement. IME it would be good to give them a jolt of P and K late in veg so they’re ready to flower. HF is good soil but won’t carry you through to the end.

Look at using the Jack’s 3-2-1 system: easy and inexpensive and does a great job. There are a LOT of growers on here using it now.


They only need seaweed extract of kelp and fish :fish: , no grow !

Not a question of where the roots touch exactly. Every time you water, some of the nutrients get dissolved with your plant getting some and some getting washed away. After a time, there is not enough getting dissolved anymore. That is when you add some more. As @Myfriendis410 says, a TDS meter reading of the water runoff gives you an idea what the plant has available in the moisture.

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They’re autos

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Between 3 and 5 weeks from time it broke the soil. As stated above the pH and ppm meter will be ur best friend to get nutes started. Looking nice so far. Happy growing

When I used happy frog I watched runoff. When it dropped below 900 I started feeding

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Autos my man

Thinking the same as @Allinherhead

Once an auto show the preflower , is when I would suggest feeding nutrients , most should be in the soil unless it’s Coco?