Need info on strawberry kush

I would like some info on strawberry kush, like how tall should the plant be before going to 12-12. also how long does flowering take for this strain.

Hey Pops
I just got done with a Strawberry Kush indoor grow.
I switched to 12/12 when my plants were 10" tall but simply because of a lack of height in my grow tent. They doubled in size during the first 2-3 weeks of flower. As a point of reference I only used LST so no pruning or training other than a couple of tie downs of the main cola.
I am planning a SCROG for my next grow because of my grow room space and I think my yield will be better than what I got from 3 weeks of veg growth
Hope this helps

thanks Paulcrf I too have limited space. Just put my first plant (AK47) into the 12-12.things look pretty good. I also just ordered the strawberry kush so trying to gather as much info as I can so I can have a successful 2nd grow. If you don’t mind what was your yield?

strawberry kush ilgm strain started April 10 outside 3 an a half foot tall today


Nice arrangement of flowers

Nice photos.

Thanks everyone I have a better understanding of things now. Once again thanks

Man, that is sticky icky already. :slight_smile:

I have seen an outdoor plant that was dense like this, the grower had to take it early because of mold. He mentioned that he should have thinned some of the leaf out to allow air flow to keep her dry.

It’s really hot an dry here so she has been doing great

Just a thought pop’s next time you order seeds try some of the Borderliner etreme.AMS …i have 3 types going now borderliner extrm ,rainbow kush, and supersilverhaze …the ss haze is easily doubling its height so far 1 1/2 weeks into bud . the rain bow from its looks so far will be 1 1/2 it size when done BUT the borderliner has only barley started to stretch at all .But it is growing its lower branches up to the cola’s height …Like its be topped several times But has not been topped at all …it would so far from the looks be an ideal candidate for scroging or just short areas …just a thought Hammer

Cool, I’d love to see more pics over time.:slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I have ss haze and S skunk. Super skunk side branches almost as tall as top. Great for scrog.

this is 3 days ago .