Need help with spots on leaves

Can someone please help. I’m seeing white spots on my leaves. Previously I had spider mites then a case of white powdery dust/mildew

I got rid of the mites and the powder using a 3 in 1 treatment now I have theses spots, I put it under the microscope and saw no eggs just small white spots (looks bleached) this pic is an extreme example most are minimal, I just worked so hard with my second grow ever and otherwise everything looks great, I turned to a 12/12 cycle about a week and a half ago and would hate for this to ruin my crop. Any help would be cool

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Looks like mite damage, but coukd be from the spray treatment. Try this mixed at 1.5x strength. Safe to use right ip to harvest and rinses away with a bud wash…

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What @Borderryan22 :point_up_2: said

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A bit of advice on posting: if you spread your questions out to multiple threads you won’t know where those answers are a year from now. Better to confine yourself to one or two topic threads and ask questions there. Then tag others who have helped using the @ sign ahead of their name.

I know you are new here: if you need any help at all just tag me. I can move threads together if you need to.


Thank you big time! I’m starting to get the idea


Thanks for the heads up I’ll be sure to give that a shot

Looks like mite damage :broken_heart:

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