Need HELP with indoor grow

I was doing well and now this. I have 5 plants in a 4x4x7 2000w led (1000W HPS/MH replacement) 2 in DWC and 3 in soil. These are autos and 1 has started to flower and since I moved to LED it started to wilt and now developing spots and growth has since slowed down. The one in DWC has started to spot a gold color. At first the heat and humidity was high so I added an exhaust and dehumidifier and lowered to 67 RH and 80-84 degrees. PH is 5.5 to 6.5 DWC and 6-7 soil. The plants were doing better with the shop lamp that was in there. Also the smaller plant in soil is also browning. New growth is like wilting downwards. Please help.

Need pics in natural light can’t see anything with the berple light!!


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I cant control humidity why?

Hi there I’m a first time grower that need little help with an issue I’m having with one plant , I have 6 on the go 3 different strains , for the past 2 maybe almost 3 weeks this one was plant is hurting and looking bad ! Took some cuttinging in to someone to look at but they didn’t know

@esanch have you gotten any help sorry about that when you post put the @ sign in front of the person’s name and it will notify them if not it just goes in a previously read section.

@420FragileGrow80 probably good if you could start a new post and people can help you better with your situation if you have not had any help either