Please lend a hand identifying problem

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

i would ask you a question regarding a problem with my indoor grow. I have two plants currently, purple haze, started together. Germinated on 1/3, same room, light, soil etc. The one began yellowing in the center of the new growth. Now the second plant appears to be starting to yellow there also. This has occurred one other time, just not sure of cause. They start out well and then seem to develop this problem. Lost the previous plant, but hoping to save these two. Light is about 36 inches away. Thoughts? You can see from the pic that one of the two plants second leaves are falling to develop.


whats their soil mix.

I am week 3.5 into veg and also have a 3 week old pre growth seedling for clones - all 3 are purple haze.

what are they watering with. also light set up.

send them to my grow journel. its the one labeled with a 450viper.

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Looks like they may be overwatered. I see the edges of the soil are dry on the photo on the right, but center is pretty wet and the picture on the left looks like there is a stem at the top that looks like it’s damping off near the soil (could be my eyes though). Try misting lightly several time a day instead of watering the soil until they are a little bigger


I would also like ro know soil type
If you water water the edges of pit not near stem
I perfer the misting method my self when small