Need help think I messed up and did damage to my babies

So about 3 days ago now I topped my 3 plants. Yesterday everything seemed ok then today when I got home from work I went to have a look and found a bunch of dead leaves from the lower part of my plants. They look they they were just the 2nd set of leaves but also found more higher up and some of the fan leafs near the top are looking very sick.

What am I did I do wrong or better yet what am I doing wrong?

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OK. Your light is way to close…rule of thumb. Put the back side of your hand on the top of your plants if you fell heat then so do your plants. Move your light up till it fells OK on your hand…

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I’m using the exact same grow box as you and have experienced the same leaf issues. Probably using the same nutrients, lights, etc. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but is probably a combination of things such as lighting, PH, and nutrients. But what I do know is you need to get those plants into flowering soon or you will overgrow the box. That’s what happened to me, even with some of the leaves looking like that.

Skimmet I just used the stuff that came with my grow cabinet for my first round as well as distilled water. Today I ordered some fox farm nutrients for my second grow. Did you just flip to 12/12 lighting and force them to flower?


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That was good I missed how big his plans were. But the real problem is heat


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Should I trim the leaves that are burnt or just then flip to 12/12 lighting? Should I flush out the grow nutrients and just run water for a week then flip to flowering nutrients?

I out grew that box with only 2 plants in about 3 weeks… They really talk the box up but I really don’t see it as being a big thing. Shit I just open the door light it up fan it down and letem grow…

They are about 5 and a half weeks old right now thinking after what everyone has been saying it might be time to force flower them.

They should have been transplanted awihile ago. But transplant them now into 3 maybe 5 gai buckets. Then give them a week or two to settle into their new home. Keep in vegg.
Then you will have a good if you want them to vegg and grow a bit bigger or to go for the flower.
eighter way have a plain.
Almost forgot…leave the leaves for now. Trim a few days after transplanting. To much shock or stress is not good.

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I’d love to be able to transfer plant them but the root are all intertwined together(they aren’t root bound) but can’t get them out of the container with out cutting them or the container.

Yeah, I flipped but too late. They just continued to grow. I also thought about transplanting them to pots but came to the same conclusion. Tough with all the roots.

I had to remove mine from the box, as they were getting burnt from the lights which were all the way up to the top as far as I could get them. Waiting for a larger grow tent to arrive in the meantime.

Yeah thinking I’m just gonna have to try and flower them now see what I get this time around and try for round 2 and then just transplant them and put them out in my green house with the rest of my garden.

Hopefully the roots aren’t root bound ?

Sorry you two. I didn’t realize how bad the roots were. Just as well flower them right there and next time you’ll be better equipped. K



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@yoshi no there is tons of room in the water container that they are in when I take the lid off the change out the water the tangle of roots have plenty of room I just can’t get them out of the small hole that the pots are in.

How did you start your seed? Just put them in a rapid rooter type thing and then in the net pod and into the container with distilled phed water?

I just put the seed in the peat pot that came with the kit to or a little pricey of the pot off to cover the top of the seed and then just filled it up with water and kept the lights off till I seed sprouted. Then the next week I turned the lights on to 24 for a week. Backed it down to 16/8 and once a week I would dump out the water and add new with 1 tsp of the grow along with 1/8 tsp of cal-mag. And every 2 days I would have to add about a half gallon of water to the reservoir due to evaporation.

Honestly with this being my first grow I was really winging it. I never kept records, checked my ph or my tds. It was just trial and error. But now that I have been doing a ton more research and seeing what the box can handle it have a much better plan for round 2 and I’m starting to buy the supplies now so I will have a much better yield in round 2.

Yeah, me too. A definite learning experience (and costly), but we will do much better next time! Good luck!

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