Need help sexing plants

Hi All,
So at day 46 now and trying to figure out sex of my plants. Here are some pics of one of them

Too early to tell.

Can’t tell on any of your pictures yet either little more time or if your ready to flower send it! Then just watch them close everyday for pistils

Still too soon I’m in same boat. :joy:

what you see there are stipules… what you want to see is this

This is further down the main stem and is older. It shows me what to expect for hair coloring when flower starts… red head in this case!


Update: At week 8 now and wanted to make sure none of these are males and pollinate the others. These are 4 different plants btw.

The last two pics look questionable

Like @Littleflowerbud said last two pictures are suspect

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Thanks guys my same thoughts just wanted to be sure

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Is this male or hermaphrodite