Need help! Recently entered flower, plant droopy

I first thought I was overwatering…then I thought phosphorous deficiency, fed with tiger bloom. Then maybe I thought my light was too close so I moved up. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Good Morning @Jcd420

Have you filled out a support ticket? How often are you watering? Do you let them dry between watering?

ILGM Zkittlez

Fox Farm Ocean Forest

Using FF Grow Big (2tsp/gal every other watering)


Marshydro ts1000

75 F day/67 F night

40-50% humidity

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Good morning @Flitme !
I’ve been watering everyday. When I noticed this problem I gave it one day without water. When I didn’t notice an improvement the next day my mind started racing and was thinking of other issues it may be. Thinking it was a nutrient deficiency I gave more water with nutes. I’m not waiting for the soil to be dried out enough maybe? I use the one knuckle dry in soil.
Thanks for the help!


When you water does it perk up? If not it’s probably being watered to much, need to let it almost dry out between watering. Also if it’s been watered too much for and period of time you may have some rot damage. Maybe try light watering a couple times, be sure to dry out in-between.

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@Dforce no it didn’t perk up
Will follow the instructions you gave.
Thanks for the help.
I fell right into the newbie mistake.

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It is simple if you feel the weight of your pot once you have watered it and then feel the weight once it is dry you would get to know when to water once the pot is light and try watering from the bottom and not from the top this should solve your problem if you have not already solved it …

Def to much water. It also dilutes the nutes. Let them dry out maybe put a fan on dirt. Wait 3 days and water with food. I’m no pro but that’s the way I would go.

Make sure you write things down. It will save you making a huge mistake. But if you do make that mistake flush immediately brotatochip.