Need help asap please read below

What’s up guys new to growing and the site. Lot of cool people on here and I’ve learned a bit. My question and worry is what do you think is going on with my plants and do you guys think they’re lacking anything? I really am stressing every little thing with them. They are Bruce banner autos, I usually water them every other day depending how the soil looks, both are under a Mars hydro 600w light with a slight breeze blowing on them, also both are in fox farm happy frog soil. Why do they look so droopy and the leaves on the edges seem to be wilting in some? Please help! Ps: bigger plant has a yellow tip on one of the leaves if that helps.

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I think you’re overwatering. Pick up the pot and see if it feels heavy or light. Water is heavy (8 lb a gal). Think about a gallon of milk. If the pot is heavy like a gallon of milk — don’t water. If light like a pint of milk — water. A plant that small does not need a lot of water.

If your pot is not drying out you may have a drainage issue.

Aside from the possible overwatering statement above. They look pretty normal, maybe a little stretchy at this stage, lights. The roots take a bit to search, the cotys are still intact, so its not needing much yet. The bigger one is just getting in stride, Keep on keeping on, watch the overwater. Easier to kill with too much love than too little.
The only yellow tip I see is:

Looks like maybe it was touching the soil at some point, again no worries.


@kjcarr24 just fyi, that’s not a 600 watt led light, it’s 85-100, I have the TS 1000 and it’s 150 watts. It’ll do the trick tho. U may be overwatering tho as far as the issue ur seeing

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Welcome to the community!! I think everyone has you covered. Happy Growing :blush::v:

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Thanks for all the comments, I will say I kept seeing things about being underwatered and gave both a little water and this morning my smaller one looked a little more perked up but that’s it. And anybody know a decent amount to give each plant and a decent time schedule to water them? Like how much and how often? Soil is dry on my little one but the bigger one it’s still damp (letting dry ofc). And my last thing everything does look normal to you guys?

Also one other thing I feel personally like I haven’t watered them enough if that helps also. Had been using a spray bottle and kinda soaking around the roots and out some from them but doing that probably once every other day.

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they are not that big, take a spoon out near the edge of the pot and do some excavation and see what it looks like 2-3 inches below the surface.

Side note: you might not be, its the most common issue early on, which is why everyone is commenting on it. What sucks is Overwater/Underwater look the same and have the same result.

Ok theres two reasons for droopy leaves, ok the first one is overwatering causes that but heres the twist so does underwatering and thats number two , well there is a third reason they get droopy leaves when they sleep after the lights go off

Perhaps a transplant to fabric pots? A world of difference when i transitioned. I wet to runoff before i switch them and then start using touch and weight. Bottom damp i pass. Dry and light i water. Some strains want more than others. The pots breathe also. Just what works for me.