Need help preflower? Flower? What do I do

So my one NL looks like it’s started flowering but it’s only 3week4 days now 3fay ago I started the nutes now do I skip a stage for this plant n go straight to flower nutes or what do I do… n my one blueberry is starting to look same

northern lights

Two questions:

Is it an auto, and how many hours of light are you giving them each day?

18-6yes auto northern n bluethe pic is my northern liights

Yes it is a little early but not by much. With autos we are pretty much along for the ride. The plant dictates and we follow their lead.

So do I stay with the normal schedule honestly I would like opinion what would Someone do or should I do first grow don’t wanna mess up

You have been opening multiple threads to answer basic questions that should remain on your journal. When you open a bunch of new topics (already covered) it clogs the main feed with one person; making it harder for others to get help. I’m closing this one as you already had multiple answers on the same thing.

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