Need help nutrient deficiency?

Plant is doing great but notice the bottom leafs turning yellow is this a sign of deficiency and if so which kind growing in coco I amended the coco mix when I transplanted about 2 weeks ago just wondering if the plant is now asking for more thank you any help will be appreciated

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Do the leaves touch top of growing media any? Sometimes a fan blowing air on plant will do this and sometimes they just droop enough to do it. Either way, for whatever reason leaves that touch your media end up looking a little rough.

Also wondering what you amended with and how often you’re feeding? Coco with mature plants needs to fed daily.


Dr earth 4-6-3 and some worm casting with the coco that’s the mix I’m using


Gotcha. I’ve only hand fed daily with synthetics in coco, so not really sure what to expect out of this mix.


Treat the ph as soil, not coco since youre using dr earth and castings. Agree with @dbrn32

Some leave variation will happen during the veg cycle. Its nothing to be concerned with. She will eat those leaves first as she starts maturing.


So, when your growing in Coco your supposed to keep the pH at 5.8 for best results but it depends on what fertilizers your using that will dictate which is the best pH in Coco? Am i understanding this correctly? I’ve been giving some thought to growing in coco and just collecting information right now. Can you elaborate on this for me?