Need help not sure if I’ve got root rot

two of my girls are in tarra professional two in coco two are blue cheese two are just cheese my tent is six feet by three feet the ph is only 5.3 there 17 days into flower and my feed mix is 2.5 ml to 1 litre of water and I’ve also been useing molasses sugars My mix is Dutch pro A+b and vital ink buddy tep is 78 and 60% I have to cool tube lights in let fan and exhaust fan I hope you can help :slightly_frowning_face:

Ph of 5.3 is low coco should be around 5.8 and soil is 6.5 ph. Try flushing with a flushing agent/nutrient like fox farm sledgehammer and comeback and then use kelp me kelp you the next watering. You don’t have to use fox farm but something similar

I’ll give it a go Appreciate the advice cheers ThcinKC

Sorry as well wasn’t sure as to what you meant about kelp ?

No dont flush. U need to just water with the ph u are trying to achieve. U don’t have a nute build up u have a ph problem.

So just the correct ph is all you think ?

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Sorry I didn’t thank you justgrowin and sorry and cheers :wink:

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Yes. A flush is to get rid of toxicity. If your ppms are way high u would want to flush or sometimes between veg and flower to flush out the salts and built up nutes.

You’re very welcome.

Good luck!

I had a very bad ph problem too i took each plant to the tub and flushed with 15 gallon of water ph to 6.5 with sledgehammer and comeback. Everything came back pretty good my ph problem led to nutrient loc up here is how they look now i have pictures of the before in another thread on here

It worked for me. Test your run off with a ph meter and get that number close as possible to your right ph for what ever medium you grow in there is a nut uptake chart for each growing medium i have one on the wall where i mix my nutrients at.

Your plants look great!

It was the 6.5 ph water that put u back on track. Flushing your soil flushes out nutrients. That would be the only reason to do a flush.

Mate look really nice what stran ?

I got a ph pen from a friend that swore it was good but it was .5 off so when i thought i was at 6.5 it was 7.0 and i still just kick my self for not checking it.

The one with a tape measure is critical mass and in the second pic the 2 in front on the left and right sides are ilgm white widow in the middle of them is dutch treat and in the very back is 2 star gates

Flushing out coco is not a bad thing, I’ve read that it should be flushed out often, as it build up nutrients quicker than soil does.
Ph In coco should be around over 5.5 but under 6.5

They aren’t all in coco. Flushing is only necessary if u start seeing toxicity or it’s built into the feeding schedule.

U pay for the nutes, feed and then flush them out. Counterproductive. U should only flush if it’s necessary.

That’s not true with coco though. Flushing is not just for toxicity in coco. Its key for keeping the medium happy. Most coco users flush biweekly or so. I’ve been watching the GML show and that question has come up at least once a week.
While you dont need to do it all the time, flushing in coco doesnt affect a plant like soil.
You definitely dont have to flush, I’ve just noticed a lot of people do

The other thing I’ve found with flushing especially when in flower. I’ve got more growth with my buds and the sugar just seems to go crazy. I know to each their own. I don’t know everything but i got good results and almost all nutrients line’s have a flush in their feeding schedule.

Smart to stick what has worked for u. The 3 lines I use have no flush in the schedule until the end but I also only grow in soil.

I know very little about coco so I will defer to people who know more for that 1

Just a qwick up date after nute problem flussed her out and now she seems fine so thanks for the advise

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