Need help, is this some sort of mold?

So I was told that it’s a phosphorus deficiency. Just trying to double triple quadruple check. Day 64 from sprout 5th week of flower. Autoflower LSD Runtz.

Im on my second grow and haven’t had any issues besides ph in soil issues. When I look at it plunder my jewelers loop it looks like bubbles or blisters. On other sites it looks like melted amber trichomes. These are at sights on tops of colas and on sugar leaves. Bottom fan leaves aren’t affected at all just on tops of colas and about halfway down. I’ve cut affected leaves and others will show new blotches spots that didn’t have before.

Best plant I’ve grown up until this point I’d hate to loose her. She’s the only one affected or infected or showing physical signs at this point.

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Looks like normal fade to me: plant is about ready to harvest. Mold can be wiped off with a damp cloth and is normally white in color.

You are showing an N excess which can happen in flower and likely a C deficiency causing the brown blotches. Ride it out is my advice.



I’ve given them some micronutrients. Today and will most likely just give PhD water from now on…
Yeah I can’t wipe. This off at all. I’ve cut the affected spots especially close to and on tops of colas so can’t see how much more it develops. I’ve left a couple to see how it turns out.
Thank you for your input


That would cause your issue. If you’re not in the zone to uptake phosphorous during its prime uptake wks3.5-6. Were your pH issues say around wk3? Then, It started cannibalizing itself before correcting the pH of the pots. Just a minor blemish that won’t go away.


This started about a week ago. My soil ph was high on all girls. One was yellowing really fast and a lot so checked all the soils ph and they were all high. So flushed all and all solid got into management zones 6.2-6.7. That was week 1 of flower. So almost 4 weeks ago. This plants soil ph is 6.4 as of yesterday when I checked.

Outta range for uptake


In the zone again, disruption of phosphorous restored. Minor blemish

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