Need help identifying this deficiency/toxicity?

Hey everyone I got 5 plants running right now in my 4x4 just now approaching week 3 of flower. They were all planted into 5gal regular happy frog soil and For amendments I used kelp meal, worm castings, azomite, crab meal and gave them some sea bird guano coming into flower. I used the tbsp/gallon of soil ratio on the back of boxes and everything is planted in the same soil with same amendments. Along with a compost tea I gave them first week of flower which was just worm castings. From what I’ve been researching I’m thinking this may be the start of a calcium deficiency but I’m not entirely sure, it’s only starting to show on a few fan leaves and only on this one plant in particular. Whatever it is seems to be in the beginning stages so I’m trying to catch it before it gets crazy lol. Was looking to get some extra opinions! Thanks everyone happy growing :fire::seedling:


Probably not the same thing but I have a White Widow that throws a few variegated leaves here and there that look much like what you have going on. I get a plant with various levels of variegation every few grows.

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@Easygrowin , I think you’re right. I used to run a similar soil and would run into cal-mag deficiency before the end. My tap water doesn’t have enough, 200ppm seems to be a good level.

If you can “cook” the soil for a couple months you’ll probably have less of an issue.

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